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New analysis finds that the profession is barely inching forward with including ethnic minorities as new hires and at every point of firm leadership.

If you have an existing home equity line-of-credit or second mortgage, do you have to fold that into a new first mortgage for it to remain tax deductible under the new tax laws?

Contractors have it rough. It's a competitive, low-margin business; good help is hard to find and keep; and financial strength can swing from one extreme to the other overnight.

Fox Business invited Tax Leader Joseph Perry onto Closing Bell to discuss prepaying certain 2018 expenses before the end of 2017.

Edward Reitmeyer, a partner at the Philadelphia accounting firm Marcum LLP, typically prepares between 800 and 1,200 tax returns for small business clients each year.

President Trump signed into law a major $1.5 trillion tax plan that Congress had earlier passed, the first re-writing of our tax laws in over 30 years. The big question now is, who wins and who loses?

From New York to Kentucky to Florida, accountants and tax lawyers are scanning the 1,000 page measure, fielding a swirl of questions from clients and swapping tips via email in their efforts to fully grasp the bill's far-reaching changes.

Earlier this month, The Times reviewed tax returns submitted by a handful of readers to see how the House and Senate tax plans would have affected their 2016 taxes had they been law at the time.

Bloomberg Markets Radio had Tax Leader Joseph Perry on the show to discuss aspects of the new tax reform plan.

Some lawmakers had predicted that the steep corporate tax cuts in the Republican tax bill could cause pass-through entities to convert to corporations to take advantage of the lower rates.

Congress was poised this week to pass the most sweeping overhaul of the federal tax code in three decades. The Republican legislation, which President Trump has promised to sign before Christmas, delivers most of its benefits to corporations and the wealthy, but there are key changes that affect individuals.

While both the Republican House and Senate proposals would drastically alter the nation's tax regulations for individuals, changes to the code for business may prove to be the centerpiece.

The Senate and the House closed in on a final version of the tax bill on Friday, as Republican leaders stay on track for final votes on the consensus bill next week.

WCBS-TV 2 interviewed Tax Partner Robert Spielman about pre-paying 2018 state and local taxes to offset the loss of these deductions expected next year.

Do you have a big IRA? And live in a soak-the-rich state? Run, don't walk, to your accountant. You've got two weeks left to do a Roth conversion that just might save you a bundle.

Some small business owners may pay lower taxes under the Republican tax overhaul, but accountants and consultants will want to read the fine print carefully - once the details are finally settled. And some owners may want to consider changing their corporate structure if parts of the proposed changes go through.

With the hand-scribbled ink still wet on Washington's shifting legislative efforts, accounting executives such as Joseph Perry and his team at Marcum are fielding an onslaught of inquiries.

Republican tax plans are working their way through Congress. If the House and Senate can agree on a final bill, will you owe more or less? The answer, of course, is it depends.

The AMT, a much-hated provision of the tax code, requires corporations and individuals to recalculate their tax liability if they took too many credits or deductions.

Pass-through taxation represents one of the biggest rifts between the House and Senate tax reform plans, a difference that will have to be resolved before a bill can become law.

The Senate and House may spend most of the month ironing out the differences in their tax bills. Or they may be delayed by other legislation and not enact a new tax code until the new year.

After a frenzy of congressional action to rewrite the tax code, salesclerks and chief executives are calculating their gains. Business was treated with the everyone's-a-winner approach that ensures no summer camper goes home without a trophy.

Republicans are moving a tax reform bill through Congress that could have both short-and long-term impacts on housing prices and trends. Real estate lobbies are concerned that bills crafted in the House of Representatives and the Senate eliminate incentives for homeownership and put the ability to purchase a home out of reach for many individuals.

A record number of stores have closed this year, and Wikipedia added an entry for "retail apocalypse." But some retailers have staved off pressure from Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) and competitors.

Radio America's Made in America spoke with State & Local Tax Leader Paul Graney about whether taxpayers in high rate jurisdictions will flee to low- or no-tax states.

As Senate Republicans moved closer to an overhaul of the nation's tax code, the prospect of sharp cuts to corporate taxes loomed larger.

By now, the refrain is quite common. Construction firms cannot secure enough skilled craftspeople, resulting in rising compensation costs, postponed retirements, slower construction, frustrated clients, attenuated disaster recoveries, greater legal liability, shrunken profit margins, and growing fears of the future.

The accounting world is beginning to change how entities globally recognize revenue. Federal Accounting Standards Board Accounting Standards Codification 606, Revenue from Contracts with Customers (Topic 606) is designed to have all entities recognize revenue universally.

Opponents of the Republican tax proposal moving through Congress are focusing in part on one particular billionaire as they seek to rally Americans against it: President Donald Trump.

More than almost any other industry, construction contractors need to spend time and resources planning for their income taxes before the end of their fiscal year.

By eliminating the deduction for most state and local taxes, an individual making a yearly salary of $1,000,000 - a figure not uncommon in the financial industry - would owe the Internal Revenue Service an additional $21,000.

The retail world is geared up for the holiday shopping season, the make-or-break time of year for many stores. And they're working hard to lure you in.

If you think an estate plan is just for the rich and famous, think again. Anyone with assets, including a home, 401(k) plan, or savings account, should think about exactly how those possessions will be distributed one day.

On Oct. 31, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed a trick-or-treat bipartisan budget agreement that provided for a number of new tax changes. He also vetoed a hospital provider tax, but offered new language to revise it.

Although the federal estate tax has been out of reach and out of mind for many, it has been rising, touching fewer and fewer people.

The online retailer now has more than a dozen Amazon Books stores, which also sell toys, electronics and small gifts. Kohl's has carved out space for Amazon shops in 10 of its department stores. Amazon also has small shops in several malls, and is selling most of its gadgets in 100 Whole Foods stores and opening pop-up shops in five.

Ideally, you'll leave the money in your retirement accounts growing untouched until you retire. Uncle Sam imposes a 10% penalty on some early withdrawals to encourage you to do just that.

The Joint Committee on Taxation, Congress' official nonpartisan budget analysts, reported that a pending Senate bill would give large tax cuts to millionaires while raising levies on American families earning $10,000 to $70,000 over 10 years.

Offering employees flexible work options could be the difference between keeping them and losing them. In fact, 62 percent of working professionals have left or considered leaving a job because it didn't have work flexibility.

NBC Nightly News interviewed New York Tax Leader Maury Cartine for a story about how much President Trump stands to potentially save under the GOP tax plan.

The rewrite of the tax code, which the House passed on Thursday, proposed a 25 percent tax rate for small businesses for owners who report their profits as income on their tax returns. It was slightly higher than the 20 percent rate for corporations but a break from the top individual rate of 39.6 percent.

Sears Holdings Corp., reeling from billions in losses and sputtering mall traffic, is increasingly turning to a time-honored retail tactic: putting everything on sale.

It's not a secret that Sears and Kmart continue to struggle. Their parent company, Sears Holdings, recently announced its financial performance. The theme appeared to be, we're not losing as much money.

President Donald Trump has insisted, for months, that the Republican tax plan he supports won't benefit him. In fact, Trump and his heirs potentially could save more than $1 billion overall under the GOP tax proposal that the House of Representatives passed Thursday, with most of that amount coming from a repeal of the estate tax, according to an analysis NBC News commissioned of Trump's one known 2005 tax return and his estimated net worth.

CBS television interviewed Retail Group Co-Leader Ron Friedman about the closure of a local Macy's and the implications for the retail industry.

Macy's Inc. plans to close its store at Los Angeles' Westside Pavilion mall, as well as two others in California, the retail giant said Thursday as it grapples with consumers' increasing shift to online shopping.

All eyes in retail will be on how President Donald J. Trump handles trade with China, as he travels through Asia this week.

Shaun Blogg, Marcum's office managing partner in West Palm Beach, FL, discussed the impact of tax reform for businesses and individual taxpayers with Bloomberg Markets.

Bloomberg Markets asked Tax Principal Michael D'Addio onto the program to discuss the prospects for the House and Senate tax bills.

Heading into a new committed relationship means both partners need to take stock of their retirement plans and legal documents, having detailed conversations not only about how to split monthly expenses, but how to plan for future health care needs, how heirs will factor into the estate and how aggressively they'll need to invest to stay ahead of inflation.

Year-end investing moves can pay off nicely at tax time the next spring, but can also trip you up. Take the wash-sale rule. Running afoul of it can destroy your tax savings from selling losers. But understanding it will let you claim those losses and avoid missing investment gains by sitting on the sidelines.

While many couples dissolve their marriages without significant legal involvement, divvying up retirement accounts, particularly pensions, is thorny. Doing it without a proper legal agreement could stick you with a hefty tax bill and penalties. In some cases, one party may end up with nothing.

The GOP's tax plan contains a little-noticed tax hike on big earners that could add another $12,000 to their annual tax bill.

Taxpayers who want up to a six-month extension to file their tax return file IRS Form 4868 have until mid-October to file. In recent filing seasons, some 10 million filers opted annually for the extra time-the IRS does not publish specific numbers.

Alpha Rising took a moment to recap what we've learned from the amazing women we have spent time with over the last few months and here's the takeaway: Women need to be financially independent. Period. End of story.

Attorneys and accountants practicing in this area know that the amount of tax loss is then a crucial component to consider when the parties, including a Federal District Court judge, are assessing the potential and actual sentencing of a defendant.

Wall Street can't be happy about Congress' proposal to cap our yearly 401k contributions at $2,400 - thats the tax-deferred amount we would be able to sock away in a retirement plan, down from $18,000.

Discussing finances with your parents can be as uncomfortable as the talk they gave you about the birds and the bees. But it still needs to happen.

Given the ferocity of winters in Minnesota, it was perhaps inevitable that the state would host Americas first climate- controlled indoor shopping mall.

Its official. For 2018, the estate and gift tax exemption is $5.6 million per individual, up from $5.49 million in 2017. That means an individual can leave $5.6 million to heirs and pay no federal estate or gift tax. A married couple will be able to shield north of $11 million ($11.2 million) from federal estate and gift taxes. And the annual gift exclusion amount is $15,000 for 2018 - up from $14,000 where its been stuck since 2013.

With value-based purchasing transforming the long-term care billing landscape, billers need to bill appropriately to ensure they are not leaving money on the table. The Medicare Guide for SNF Billing and Reimbursement will help tackle even the most complex billing issues.

To remain relevant in the age of online shopping, he said, malls must completely change their mission, serving not as hubs for shopping, but for entertainment.

Jeffrey Weiner joined Marcum in 1981 and has led the firm since 1990, when he was named managing partner. In June 2017, he was named to his current post.

A few weeks ago President Donald Trump told lawmakers he had changed his mind about the structure of his $1 trillion infrastructure investment plan. Previously the plan was contingent on private sector participation; now, President Trump reportedly said, he didnt want to take that route.

Last week, the Baker administration hauled Inc. to court over its refusal to share tax records, spurring debate about whether the move would hurt the states chances of landing Amazons second headquarters.

Marcum LLP was named 2017 Innovative Firm of the Year by LEA Global: The Leading Edge Alliance. The award was presented at the LEA Global North American Conference in Denver on Sept. 26. It recognizes Marcum for continual innovation in all aspects of the firms operation.

Homeowners would get a choice between deducting property taxes or mortgage interest on their federal tax returns as Republicans on Tuesday discussed modifications to the sweeping tax code overhaul proposed last month.

Once your client reaches age 70 1/2, he or she must take required minimum distributions (RMDs) annually from taxable IRA and 401(k) accounts.

BVU had the pleasure of speaking with some of the dedicated individuals who serve as members of the Business Valuation Committee of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA).

Adding to the irony, these disasters supply communities with opportunities to rebuild in ways that dramatically improve the quality and capability of their respective built environments.

President Donald Trump calls his tax reform plan a middle class miracle. But the elimination of most deductions, including state and local taxes, has some in the Tri-State calling the proposal a middle class misery.

There is seemingly no end to the solicitations we receive from qualified charitable organizations seeking our assistance.

White-collar criminals are always looking for new ways to steal time and money, but forensic accountants are catching many of them in the act, assisting clients and protecting their assets.

Donald Trump rallied the working class, but he is also championing one benefit favoring only the super-rich: eliminating the federal estate tax.

Congressional Republicans refuse to let their latest iteration of Obamacare repeal to die, despite the bill's unpopularity.

South Floridas economy is being pumped up by new construction, but those projects could slow as the industry finds it cant hire the skilled workers it needs.

Half of the fastest-growing technology companies in Connecticut are in Fairfield County, according to the annual 2017 Marcum Tech Top 40, selected by Marcum LLP, an accounting and advisory firm headquartered in New York City, and the Connecticut Technology Council.

The IRS issued proposed regulations that update the definition of dependent to be consistent with Sec. 152 and reverse the IRS's previous position regarding when a taxpayer is considered childless for earned income tax credit purposes.

Becoming suddenly single can set your world in a tailspin, and a lack of financial planning is setting women in particular even further back.

Accounting and consulting firm Marcum LLP has promoted 13 associates to partner, including its chief information officer, who is based Long Island.

Jenny Deloy oversees approximately 30 professionals, and champions efforts to grow and build the Marcum SEC practice in the Midwest. She joined the firm in 2015 when it merged with Frost, Ruttenberg & Rothblatt, and since then has been instrumental in ensuring a successful and smooth merger integration.

The 9th Circuit Courts review of how construction contractors should recognize income had a somewhat surprising outcome. The key question being considered was: When should developers recognize income under the completed contract method?

As the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) navigate what some may consider to be healthcares own modern-day Roman empire - a system undergoing serious revisions including how levels of care are monitored, the way reimbursement is divided, and the anything-but-straight-and-narrow shift from volume to value - SNF providers are participating in history being made.

Estate planning is not just for Boomers. It is an essential part of financial adulthood and is especially imperative for Millennials who have already amassed or inherited wealth, or expect to in the future.

Self-Driving Cars and Artificial Intelligence are around the corner, but do your employees even know how to write an Excel macro?

About two years after quietly closing her boutique in New Yorks SoHo neighborhood, Ivanka Trump is opening another brick-and-mortar destination for her eponymous fashion line. The daughter of President Donald Trump is set to launch a new store this fall in Trump Tower, the Midtown Manhattan skyscraper that was her fathers longtime abode.

To successfully work in the field of business valuation, appraisers must perform assignments with impartiality, objectivity, and independence, and without consideration of personal interests or the interests of those who hired them.

Despite enjoying institutional advantages with respect to attracting foreign capital, lawmakers have viewed it as appropriate to create additional vehicles designed to attract capital inflows to the United States.

Climate change is not yet a major issue for directors and officers, but experts expect it to become one.

Pennsylvanians who hop in a ZipCar or Enterprise CarShare to get around town will soon find errands a bit more expensive if a proposed measure in the Senates revenue package becomes law.

It has been a tough year for malls around the country with announcements of more store closures everywhere you look. The latest is Starbucks' announcement to close its 376 Teavana stores because many of the mallbased stores have been persistently underperforming.

It's mid-summer in the Bay Area. Do you know where your teenagers are? Well I don't know either, but one thing's sure, they're not at the mall. I checked. In fact, it seems a lot of people are not shopping at some of our venerable indoor malls.

About 8,400 runners and walkers on 195 company teams completed the 3.5-mile Marcum Workplace Challenge at Jones Beach Tuesday evening.

Co-op, condo and HOA living represents a unique social arrangement; its a paid-for membership club and a home at the same time. Many people enter into this arrangement without a complete understanding of the responsibilities of membership.

Fair Market Value and Fair Value are both important terms in valuation. However, they are frequently mistakenly thought to be interchangeable.

WCBS-TV invited Long Island Office Managing Partner Carolyn Mazzenga to their studio to talk about the 2017 Marcum Workplace Challenge at Jones Beach.

This year alone, more than 8,600 stores could close, according to industry estimates, many of them the brand-name anchor outlets that real estate developers once stumbled over themselves to court.

Joseph Perry, tax and business services leader at Marcum LLP, discusses the issues that he feels need to be tackled in order to achieve U.S. tax reform. He speaks with Bloomberg's David Westin on Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas.

In an attempt to stay off the endangered species list, embattled retailer Target is shaking things up in its fashion department.

Alfred Angelo, one of the worlds largest manufacturers and retailers of wedding gowns, closed all 60 of its U.S. stores as it filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The retailer, known for its Disneythemed designs, also has partnerships with some 1,400 retailers.

Top 100 Firm Marcum announced this week that they will hold their second annual Marcum Women's Forum in New York City on October 27th. Chelsea Clinton is set be the featured speaker for the breakfast event that looks to discuss topics relating to female leadership in the workplace.

Marcum tapped a Clinton to speak at its upcoming Womens Forum. Chelsea Clinton will headline the second annual event, set for Oct. 27 in Manhattan.

On April 26, the Trump administration handed U.S. CEOs a generous gift in the form of a new tax reform plan. Designed to simplify the tax code and foster economic growth, it is a blueprint for how the administration intends to put more money in the hands of businesses and individuals alike.

The Senate health-care plan closely resembles an earlier bill passed by the House, with both dismantling key provisions of ObamaCare.

Warren Hennagin, CPA, MST, CCIFP, CGMA, has merged his construction accounting practice into Marcum LLP, a top national accounting and advisory firm.

The executive committee of New York-based Marcum has named Jeffrey Weiner chair and CEO and David Bukzin vice chair. Weiner previously served as MP, a position he had held since 1990. Bukzin held several titles, including PIC of Marcums SEC services practice group.

Amazon can't provide a fitting room for trying on that new pair of jeans before purchasing them, but a new feature for Amazon Prime members is taking a crack at being the next best thing.

Wall Street is taking with a grain of salt Washington, D.C.'s promises that tax reform will happen this year.

For the last several years, it seems as if everyone I talk to in our profession is trying to figure out a growth plan.

Marcum has named Jeffrey Weiner, managing partner, chairman and chief executive officer and David Bukzin, head of the firms SEC practice group, vice chairman.

Americans cut spending at gas stations, department stores and electronics shops in May as retail sales registered their biggest drop in 16 months, a cautionary sign for the economy.

Marcum LLP has named its longtime managing partner, Jeffrey M. Weiner, as chairman and CEO, and David Bukzin as vice chairman.

Consumers' increasing enthusiasm for buying online claims more retail victims every week.

The 9th Circuit Court's review of how construction contractors should recognize income had a somewhat surprising outcome. The key question being considered was: When should developers recognize income under the completed contract method?

Warren Hennagin has more than 30 years of experience in audit, accounting, tax planning and business consulting, with a specialization in the construction industry.

Warren Hennagin, CPA, MST, CCIFP, CGMA, has merged his construction accounting practice into Marcum LLP, a top national accounting and advisory firm.

Marcum LLP has merged in the construction accounting practice of Warren Hennagin, who is joining the firm as an assurance services partner in the firm's Irvine, Calif., office.

Business is excited. A combination of hard and soft data suggests that corporate America's business people are delighted by the new presidential administration's pro-business agenda, which includes a combination of deregulation, altered approaches to trade and immigration, a possible infrastructure spending-led stimulus package, potential health-care legislation, and, of course, tax cuts and tax compliance simplification.

Between 20% and 25% of the nation's shopping malls will close in the next five years, according to a new report from Credit Suisse that predicts e-commerce will continue to pull shoppers away from bricks-andmortar retailers.

As corporate executives and investors try to piece together their own outlooks, information and networking will be key to identifying opportunities and potential challenges going forward.

Several construction industry trade publications reported the results of the Marcum Commercial Construction Index for the first quarter of 2017.

The U.S. economy is behaving mysteriously. Usually wage growth accelerates when the job market is tight: Employers have to pay more to attract and retain workers.

Throughout his 20-plus-years with Marcum LLP, an independent auditor of public companies, David Bukzin has played witness to the contraction of the IPO market.

Every summer, thousands of employees across Long Island trade in their business attire for their finest fitness gear and compete in the Marcum Workplace Challenge - a 3.5-mile charity walk/run around Jones Beach State Park in Wantagh, New York.

Bloomberg Daybreak invited national tax leader Joseph Perry onto the show to kick off the network's Tax Reform Week.

Joining Marcum will give MHP's clients and staff significantly greater resources as well as access to a deep bench of talent across the firm's practice areas, including in advisory services.

Investors and analysts are split on what's next for taxes in light of a renewed effort on Capitol Hill to tackle health care. The House of Representatives last Thursday passed the American Health Care Act, sending the legislation to the Senate, where GOP lawmakers have admitted the process is likely to stall.

Meyers, Harrison & Pia LLC and Meyers, Harrison & Pia Valuation and Litigation Support LLC (MHP) have merged into the national accounting and advisory services firm, Marcum LLP announced in a release.

A growing labor shortage in the commercial real-estate industry is driving up the costs of some projects and could complicate lawmakers plans for a $1 trillion infrastructure-spending program, contractors say.

News headlines, tower cranes and traffic - three signs that point to Nashville's status as one of the great "boom towns" in the United States.

While most people are catching on to the appeal of 529 plans, which offer tax-advantaged investments to pay for qualified education expenses, many still overlook a number of benefits these accounts provide.

Marcum LLP announced Tuesday that it has merged with Meyers, Harrison & Pia LLC and Meyers, Harrison & Pia Valuation and Litigation Support LLC.

Marcum has merged Meyers, Harrison & Pia and Meyers, Harrison & Pia Valuation and Litigation Support into its business, adding 55 partners and staff in New Haven, Connecticut, and Portland, Maine.

MHP dates back to 1954 and specializes in business valuation, forensic accounting and litigation support services. The firms partners frequently serve as expert witnesses during legal disputes. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Regional accounting firm Marcum LLP, which has a Hartford office, said Monday it has acquired a New Haven CPA firm that will add to its Connecticut presence.

Accounting firm Marcum LLP has expanded its New England presence by purchasing New Haven, Connecticut-based Meyers, Harrison & Pia, LLC.

Untimely certifications, missed or incorrectly billed Change of Therapy documentation, or a lack of documentation supporting a signed physician order for skilled therapy are among the top reasons Medicare claims denials are hitting facilities.

Attracting and retaining top talent is an ongoing challenge for public accounting firms, particularly at the senior accountant/manager level.

Investors often say it's wise to pick a company based on the people who run it: Management, they say, matters as much as anything else. Track records talk. So wouldn't it be nice, then, if you could invest directly in top executives?

Identity thieves have stolen more than $107 billion in the past six years, with $16 billion stolen in 2016 alone, according to the 2017 Identity Fraud Study released by Javelin Strategy and Research.

The IPO uptick is generating business for big accounting and legal firms as well as investment banks.

But they included taxes such as Social Security and Medicare, which typically arent considered part of the effective tax rate, said accountant Joseph J. Perry, a partner at the firm Marcum LLP in Melville.

The 9-to-5 office job may be on its last legs. Cause of death? Flexible hours, the gig economy and the rise of working from home. About 24 percent of employed people did some or all of their work at home in 2015, according to the American Time Use Survey (ATUS) from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Advisory Director Key Coleman was interviewed by AM Best TV during Philly I-Day 2017, regarding corporate liability for climate change and related directors and officers insurance claims.

You've finished your 2016 taxes and all the accompanying financial papers that went with it. So this is a good time to shred or trash the records you don't need and, while you're at it, others taking up space. But which financial records do you absolutely need to keep and which can you toss?

2016 was a remarkable year for many reasons. On the cybersecurity front, there was a marked increase from 2015 in reported cyberattacks and data breaches in the United States.

Amazon is building a bigger presence in California in July. It announced that it would open a fulfillment center in Sacramento. The compound will serve as the company's 10th fulfillment center in California.

David Bukzin discusses the origins and mission of the Marcum MicroCap Conference and the outlook on public financings in the coming year.

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue has revised a controversial letter ruling on computer software support, dialing back guidance in an earlier version that implied training and consulting services could be taxed.

The demise of mall-based retail brands started in 2008, when the economic downturn claimed 20 major retail bankruptcies in a single year.

Jeffrey Weiner, Managing Partner of Marcum LLP, talks about building a leading accounting practice from 20 to 1,500 people and producing the Bourne Legacy franchise.

During his successful campaign, President Trump announced that his administration would launch a $1 trillion infrastructure-led stimulus package to be implemented over the course of 10 years.

Annual financial results are in from all of the Seattle-area's publicly traded retailers, and they offer a clearer picture of what brick-and-mortar retailers are facing across the country.

According to a report from accounting advisory firm Marcum LLP, there were 105,000 construction hirings between September 2016 and January 2017.

There are 26 square feet of retail for every man, woman and child in the United States, according to a statistic quoted by Robin Lewis, chief executive and editorial director of The Robin Report, a platform covering retail.

Here's a way for boomers to share the wealth with their children and grandkids: Cover the cost of preschool and shake off gift taxes to boot.

The burning of fossil fuels produces CO2 and other so-called greenhouse gases (GHGs) that scientists have linked to global warming and other changes in the Earth's climate. In just the last year, so-called carbon extractors and heavy users of fossil fuels have come under heightened scrutiny.

Faced with seismic changes, bankruptcies in the retail sector have been on the rise.

The first big tax cut moving through Congress under President Donald Trump would likely benefit the president himself, potentially saving him millions of dollars in taxes on his rental income next year and even more money on other income if he wins a second term.

The 2016 analysis by Marcums Construction Services Group identifies a significant uptick in construction employment trends in the final months of last year, which has continued into 2017.

Jeff Vinik's investing skills have faded from view since he unwound his hedge fund in 2013, but they are still getting lots of use.

Audits is one of the ones that generates income, so from a business perspective, this is one area where you think you would put more resources because it would yield more money for the government.

As millions of Americans file their income tax returns, their chances of getting audited by the IRS have rarely been so low.

No matter how smart you think you are about your money, at some point you will need to entrust someone else with some aspect of your finances.

Some Morgan Stanley wealth management customers are getting news in the mail this week: They underpaid - or in some cases, overpaid - their taxes for several years because of incorrect information the firm provided to them about their investments.

This article covers recent developments in the area of individual taxation, including cases involving trade or business expenses; proposed regulations on the Sec. 83(b) election; IRS acquiescence in a case involving mortgage deductions; and a taxpayer-friendly ruling on unforeseen circumstances and the sale of a principal residence.

You'd think being producer of the massively successful Jason Bourne series would be enough. But amazingly, Weiner also has a "day job"--as managing partner of one of the most successful accounting firms in the world.

The new payroll tax offset, effective as of 2016, allows companies to receive a benefit for research activities regardless of profitability.

Marcum's Workplace Security & Investigations practice is a specialized service niche within the firm's nationally recognized Advisory Services Practice group.

Perry has considerable experience with individual and corporate taxation, accounting for income taxes, compensation, and mergers and acquisitions.

The department seems to be taking standard language from software industry maintenance contracts "and stretching that out to items that were clearly not taxable in the past and pulling those in."

Karen Connair, a CPA with Marcum in Irvine, Calif., recently helped a California mortgage lender who set up an office in Nevada and became a Nevada resident reduce a good chunk of his tax liability, despite having to source some of his S corporation income back to California.

Diane Giordano, a tax partner at Marcum LLP in Melville, thinks Section 179 won't face the chopping block due to its popularity and the fact that it gives businesses an incentive to purchase equipment.

February is often considered a month of love because Valentine's Day falls on the 14th.

The survey concludes owners are optimistic about selling and exiting their businesses, but ill-prepared to do so. Proper planning is needed to optimize sale price and ensure transaction value meets exit needs for life after sale, the firms conducting the report said.

The so-called traditional family, with a mom, dad and 2.5 kids, is basically nontraditional.

Internal controls stem from the idea that no one individual should have complete control over a given transaction process and that there should be proper segregation of duties among individuals involved in every process.

A contracting business is a living, breathing organism that needs to be fed. If unhealthy, that organism will put tight constraints on a contractor's ability not only to grow, but also to make payroll and fund projects.

Michael Balter, partner-in-charge of Marcum LLP's Southeast Region, has been named a 2017 Top 100 Power Leader by South Florida Business Journal.

The construction spending outlook for 2017 has improved with the election. Economists, pundits, and most of the United States have been puzzling over what the election results from this past November will mean for the country, both in terms of public policy and economic performance.

Seemingly, every day there is another news story about a company being hacked and money or sensitive data being stolen.

Cash is essential to running day-to-day operations and improving a companys financial position when presented to banks and other creditors, so contractors continue to search for ways to keep cash available.

It was junior year in high school when Natalie Verbanac, CPA, Partner at Marcum LLP, and secretary of the NYSSCPA, Nassau Chapter, discovered her love of accounting.

There's a revolution brewing in public accounting, with big data poised to transform many aspects of how CPA firms do business and service their clients.

As public accounting firms continue to struggle to retain and advance women professionals, many are providing increased flexibility and launching initiatives to help them achieve their diversity goals.

It's that time of year again, and just like birthdays (but much less fun), annual budgeting is back on the calendar.

The essential records to be safeguarded in the event of an actual disaster are by their nature limited in volume and must be the key items you need in the event you are adversely affected.

The retail and consumer products industry is facing tremendous challenges, with fewer and fewer brick-and-mortar stores in operation and ceaseless pressure on discounted sales and with low margins for both retailers and manufacturers.

On Feb. 25, 2016, the Financial Accounting Standards Board issued its long-awaited standard on lease accounting.

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