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Alternative Asset Summit 2014



Date October 27-30, 2014
Location Cesar’s Palace, Las Vegas
3570 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Description The Alternative Asset Summit is the industry’s only Allocator Waived Registration event designed for the Industry Professional as collaboratively structured by Industry Professionals.  The annual fall event is uniquely collaboratively structured, investor heavy and service provider light.   Experientially, the Summit is a designed for the Industry Professional to efficiently accomplish their annual informational and networking needs. As attendees are predominantly Investors, Managers and only a select amount of only the most expert of Service Providers in their respective fields, the Alternative Asset Summit is unique in that it brings together the highest concentration of leading hedge fund managers and institutional investors to one venue. Given the smaller and selective attendance comprised largely of friends and friends of friends, the Summit generates 3 days of hyper-networking and concentrated open and insightful discussions generating more take-aways than larger, less personalized service provider heavy conferences.

With over 500 industry thought leaders participating in over twenty four panels, speeches, and breakout sessions that address your networking and industry specific industry relevant issues and opportunities.
Presenters Wednesday Oct. 29th - Main Panel Sessions
Main Panel Session - Milano Ballroom 5-6
3:15 pm - 4:00 pm - Recent Federal and State Tax Developments Affecting Investment Advisers
  • Is there a new opportunity for investment advisers to defer incentive compensation?
  • State tax issues confronting investment advisers take a new turn for the worse
  • Sun Capital Partners III, et. al v. New England Teamsters and Trucking – tax and economic implications for private equity funds and general partners
  • Other important developments
Maury Cartine, Partner-In-Charge of National Alternative Investment Industry Group, Marcum LLP

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