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Retail & Consumer Products

Marcum LLP’s Retail/Consumer Products Industry Group serves manufacturing driven and consumer-pulled businesses around the world. Within these diverse markets, Marcum delivers an array of financial reporting, tax compliance and business consulting services linked by common supply chain principles.

More than ever before, companies are subject to regulatory scrutiny, global competitive pressures and an ever increasing pace of technological change. Marcum’s Retail/Consumer Products Industry Group professionals guide clients through personalized, innovative strategies to increase profitability and maximize their competitive advantage.

Marcum’s Retail/Consumer Products Industry Group is uniquely qualified to serve manufacturers, retailers and distributors with seasoned professionals who understand the industry and specific market forces that are driving business decisions.

The Retail/Consumer Products Industry Group offers clients a powerful combination of people, products, technologies, and results oriented strategies to help clients meet their challenges and improve performance. Marcum has over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing, retail and distribution industries and is strategically positioned to help clients strengthen their standing in changing marketplaces. The following, is a sample from our suite of specialized services in this industry.

Operational and Financial Business Advisors Scope of Service
Marcum’s Retail/Consumer Products Industry Group works with clients to help develop solutions to significant business issues and manage the business risks specifically facing the manufacturing, retail and distribution industries. We provide assistance in the following areas:

Revenue & Accounts Receivable
Optimizing accounts receivable management by creating the proper balance between maximizing sales and profits and minimizing risk while retaining customer goodwill.

Inventory Management
Managing inventory to maximize its return on the sale of available inventory, while maintaining overall inventory at an optimum level.

Purchasing and Receiving
Developing purchasing and receiving systems that enhance business performance, including the ability to evaluate the performance of suppliers and quality of goods, the capacity to identify and quantify purchase requirements, and establish or enhance procedures to monitor purchase orders and open commitments.

Manufacturing and Production
Controlling the physical production and cost of inventory to meet customer demands through desired inventory levels. This includes the ability to develop dependable sales forecasts and production plans and a system to control production and inventory levels.

Business Process Improvement
Producing effective and reliable financial data to manage day to day business more efficiently.

Financial Management
Providing financial management skills needed to control a business and anticipate its capital and finance requirements.

Accounting, Assurance and SEC Services
Maintaining the technical expertise of Generally Accepted Accounting principles, SEC Rules and Regulations, and Internal Revenue Code Tax Rulings.

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