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As Seen In

April 28, 2016
Long Island Partner-in-Charge Carolyn Mazzenga discusses the importance of your employees in Inc. Magazine's Playbook video series
Inc. posted segment #4 of its video interview with Carolyn Mazzenga, partner-in-charge of Marcum's High Net Worth Practice group, for the magazine's Playbook series
April 22, 2016
Publishers Weekly spoke with Tax & Business Services Partner Rob Pesce about when and why it makes sense for independent authors to consider forming a business entity.
With the recent end of tax season, many self-published authors have likely done some thinking about whether they could be saving more money or better protecting themselves from IRS scrutiny. They may have heard from their accountant or other authors that they can do just that by formalizing their publishing work under a business entity.
April 20, 2016
Long Island Partner-in-Charge Carolyn Mazzenga discusses what employers look for in hiring in Inc. Magazine's Playbook video series
Inc. Magazine posted the third installment of its video interview with Long Island Partner-in-Charge Carolyn Mazzenga, for its Playbook series.
April 18, 2016
National Retail & Consumer Products Leader Ron Friedman discussed the rise of concept stores with Fortune magazine.
Lululemon Athletica’s core focus for nearly 20 years can be summed up neatly: it sold apparel meant to function in the world of sweat. Geared for yoga, studio classes and running, the brand’s most popular tights and tops were meant to make you look fashionable during a workout.
April 17, 2016
Firmwide Tax Partner-in-Charge Joe Perry spoke about 2016 tax planning and the new tax bracket thresholds, for Newsday's 2015 Tax Day Story.
Today’s the deadline for filing tax returns, so there’s not much you can do now about your 2015 refund or underpayment. But experts say it’s not too early to start thinking about 2016 taxes - and to take steps to make sure you pay your fair share and no more.
April 9, 2016
The Los Angeles Times quoted Tax & Business Services Partner Paul Graney in a story about the use of limited liability corporations to obscure ownership identity.
Delaware and Nevada aren't the only states where it's possible to set up a company without saying who owns it. In California, too, owners can set up a limited liability company, or LLC, without telling state officials who's behind the curtain.
April 7, 2016
Long Island Partner-in-Charge Carolyn Mazzenga discusses accessing capital sources in Inc. Magazine's Playbook video series
Inc. Magazine posted a second segment of its interview with Long Island Partner-in-Charge Carolyn Mazzenga, for its Playbook video series. In this piece, Carolyn discusses accessing capital sources.
April 6, 2016
Senior Manager Kevin Baker's article for The Legal Intelligencer discusses modern encryption systems and why passwords matter.
The FBI's request for Apple to unlock the San Bernardino, California, shooter's iPhone, as well as requests in other cases, has increased the media frenzy surrounding data security, passwords, privacy and our rights under the Constitution. Passwords are convenient and the most commonly used method to secure data, but simple steps must be taken to mitigate their inherent weaknesses
April 5, 2016
Janet Potter, advisory services senior manager, was quoted by McKnight's in article about Medicare compliance standards for skilled nursing facilities.
Skilled nursing providers should be prepared for managed care to drill down on Medicare Part A residents, creating the potential for major financial problems, a long-term care expert warned on Tuesday.
April 1, 2016
National Construction Leader Joe Natarelli and Chief Construction Economist Anirban Basu kicked off their 2016 article series for Construction Accounting & Taxation, in the March-April issue.
The prior three recoveries lasted 95 months on average - this one is 80 months old already. Meanwhile, the Japanese economy is so weak that the nation’s central bank recently opted to copy the European model and introduce negative interest rates. Emerging economies like Turkey, Russia, and Brazil also continue to stumble, leaving the United States, India, and a handful of others to support global economic expansion.
March 28, 2016
Tax Director Don Zidik pointed out to the Washington Post some of the ways that procrastinators can still benefit from professional tax help before April 15.
If you haven’t hired a tax pro by now, you may be out of luck. This year, tax returns and taxes are due April 18, meaning Tax Day is officially three weeks away.
March 26, 2016
Advisory Services Partner Ilan Hirschfeld discusses the complexities of preserving a trust fund during divorce, with Barron's Penta.
There’s nothing like a nasty divorce to chip away at a family’s wealth. Trusts, of course, are the classic tool to protect assets from a grasping spouse, but don’t delude yourself into thinking they are fail-proof.
March 23, 2016
Inc. Magazine consulted Advisory Services Partner Frank Rudewicz about minefields for fast-growing entrepreneurial companies to avoid.
Just a few years after founding my firm in 1995, one of the industry trades named us the fastest-growing PR firm in America. It happened again the very next year. We were growing at a clip of 100 percent per year (which is easy to do when you begin as a two-person startup). But as we grew, we made countless mistakes that impacted our reputation.
March 22, 2016
Marcum's Alternative Investment Group Ranks Among the Top 5 Hedge Fund Service Providers in the Nation
The Alternative Investment Group at Marcum LLP has been ranked among the top 5 hedge fund service providers in accounting. Institutional Investor's prestigious Alpha Awards honor accounting firms that excel in five aspects of service, including client service, hedge fund expertise, regulatory & compliance, audit and tax.
March 17, 2016
Carolyn Mazzenga, Long Island partner-in-charge, participated in Inc. Magazine’s Playbook video series.
Carolyn Mazzenga, Long Island partner-in-charge, participated in Inc. Magazine’s Playbook video series. In the first segment, she discusses the importance for entrepreneurs of working with a tax professional.
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