Build a lasting channel to success

Marcum works with clients to help develop solutions to significant business issues and manage the business risks specific to the manufacturing, distribution, and consumer products industries.

It’s never “business as usual”

Whether you’re making, shipping, selling, or all three, we understand that change is a constant factor in how you do business and how overwhelming it can be to keep up with.


Beyond an almost nonnegotiable reliance on manufacturing and distribution networks, both brick & mortar and online retailers must keep adequate stock levels of the products people actually want to buy — a need that typically forces them to make educated speculation of future market demands and sales.



The dynamic nature of costs — from the price you pay suppliers for raw materials to labor costs and final product cost — all play a role in your ability to remain competitive.



Challenges include increased freight and duty rates and growing regulations that often increase the time goods are on the road or on the water.


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