With more than 25 years of experience, Marcum’s Nonprofit & Social Sector Group brings an unmatched depth and breadth of expertise in tax consulting and preparation services.

We serve nonprofits, closely-held businesses and high net-worth individuals and families.

We provide tax and estate planning for industry leaders and their families, and help ensure that our tax-exempt clients stay that way. Our tax advisors have worked with owners and managers of substantial assets as well as with governing boards and executive staff of thousands of mission-driven organizations.

Marcum is terrific at keeping us up to date, giving us info about changes that are coming down the pike so that we are fully prepared at tax preparation time.

– Client, Nonprofit Organization


Tax-exempt status comes with many strings attached.

As scrutiny of tax-exempt organizations by the federal government, state Attorneys General and your constituencies increase and nonprofit compliance issues become more complex, you need a tax team that is thoroughly familiar with the ever-changing tax laws, tax regulations and tax rulings specific to the nonprofit sector.

Marcum’s tax professionals provide associations, public charter schools, foundations, NGOs and public charities the tax education, advice and support they need to ensure they will remain exempt and able to continue their important work. With “exemption protection,” Marcum helps nonprofits protect their greatest asset: their nonprofit status.

From your organization’s initial application for tax-exempt status to your annual federal and state filings, Marcum’s tax professionals embrace your vision, ensure compliance and provide guidance.

Scope of Services

Tax Compliance

  • Public Charities.
  • Associations.
  • Private Foundations.
  • Pension Plans.
  • Unrelated Business Income Tax Returns.
  • State Income, Sales and Property Tax Filings.
  • E-filing.

Tax Consulting

  • Application for Exemption.
  • Communication with Internal Revenue Service.
  • Unrelated Business Income Issues.
  • Alternative Investments.
  • FIN 48 and SFS 157 Analysis and Documentation.
  • Dealing with Internal Revenue Service Examinations.
  • Private Foundation Advisory Group.

Tax Education

  • Webinars.
  • Board Trainings.
  • Organization Specific Trainings.

Closely-Held Businesses

Tax experience is one thing. Finding an invaluable business advisor is another.

Marcum specializes in creative tax planning and solutions for closely-held business and their owners providing sophisticated advice on complex tax arrangements. The variables of today’s economic times require greater attention to details of your business and family matters. We offer the highest level of tax compliance and planning services with a personalized approach.

As trusted tax and business advisors, Marcum manages the multitude of professional services required by our clients to ensure that their family mission is realized and that their legacy endures; helping to develop educated and sophisticated family governance, family office best practices and thoughtful philanthropic giving strategies. We bring together the industry’s best practitioners to meet the needs of your family today and also ensure the course of your family’s financial future for generations to come.

group of people smiling and looking at piece of paper

Individuals & Families

The relationship we seek with our private clients is aimed at understanding their very essence; who they are, what’s best for them and important to their lives and their futures.

As trusted advisors and providers of tax, investment and consulting services to high-net worth individuals and families, we are not merely technically competent, experienced practice professionals but partners in the business of life, strategic thinking and family mission. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals and their dreams.

For us it’s all about the relationship. With a focus on the business founder and his/her family, we want our clients to feel comfortable to ask us about anything and really everything that impacts them from a personal financial and tax point of view, to never feel intimidated, to have a clear understanding of what they have and know where they’re going and how it’s going to work for them, to feel confident that we care and look out for them throughout the year.

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Frank H. Smith

Frank H. Smith

National Leader, Nonprofit Tax

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  • Washington, DC
Mary  Antonetti

Mary Antonetti


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  • New Haven, CT
Marla  Esan

Marla Esan


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Aaron  Fox

Aaron Fox


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Jane Brooks Horn

Jane Brooks Horn

Partner-in-Charge, Tax & Business, Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area

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  • Rockville, MD
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Mitra Mamdouhi


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  • Rockville, MD