Founded in 1984, and well before the term “conscious capitalism” was coined, Raffa – Marcum’s Nonprofit & Social Sector Group, has always been a diverse team of mission-driven professionals. We exist to do meaningful work for organizations we can proudly call clients and to be a catalyst for positive, systemic change in our community.

From the beginning, we’ve served the sector in ways that go beyond just being good accountants. We’ve put an emphasis on recruiting and retaining employees who are smart and attracted to our mission of making a difference, believing employees of this type would embrace going above and beyond the norm, whether serving a client or the community.

Our clients are primarily nonprofits (over 1000 of them) and socially conscious for-profits who, like us, tend to employ intellectually bright, ambitious and altruistic employees. Our team is inclusive, diverse and a significant force in continuing to drive our growth and success.

Beyond our audit and tax practices, our Group includes specialized managed services (accounting, HR and IT), project consulting and staffing solutions; leadership and strategy; executive search, transition, and planning; operational improvement; and mergers & acquisitions. If there is another professional services Group that can match our quality, reputation, breadth of service offerings and commitment to the community, we are not aware of it.

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Since our inception we’ve had a way of doing business that many may have described as unconventional, certainly non-traditional, but it was a way of doing business that we believed would serve as best. We believed it then, and even more so today, that being a good business means being a good advisor, a conscientious steward and a responsible corporate citizen.

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