September 11, 2019

2018 Actual and 2019 Forecast

PAS Contractor Compensation Quarterly

With labor being one of the greatest challenges for construction contractors, having statistical information by classifications will help keep you competitive in the market and attract the best talent.

This quarter, we look at national bonuses and incentives, with a focus on the Chief Estimator position. In my view, this information is a critical element to create a best-in-class contractor with the best-in-class talent.

Why we monitor trends

All surveys are a snapshot in time. Taking just one number from a survey every couple of years isn’t the best practice. Because contractors may grant special increases during the year, or the mix of survey participants change, or an annual increase was delayed a month, or for a host of other reasons, it’s important to monitor changes over time. We do this to help interpret the peaks, plateaus, and establish trends in the survey data.

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