October 16, 2019

3 Reasons Why Manufacturers Should Go Mobile

By Lauren Golick, Supervisor, Assurance Services

3 Reasons Why Manufacturers Should Go Mobile

Technology seems to change overnight. It’s almost impossible to keep up with all of the developments, but here is one that you and your manufacturing company should consider if you haven’t already: mobile apps.

Mobile apps have contributed to an increase in ROI and improved efficiency in an expanding U.S. manufacturing sector. They permit companies to take what used to be a very labor-intensive, prone-to-error paper process and transform it into a data-driven cloud-based system.

Of course, any process changes are going to provoke an increase in expenditures, but the long-term gains (not to mention the ability to survive in an ever-changing world of technology) are worthwhile. Here are three reasons why you should consider going mobile:

Improved productivity

Customizable mobile work orders can be tailored for various manufacturers’ requirements. They could even have pre-populated fields (i.e. for pricing) that transfer information directly through the cloud. Productivity can be tracked in real time to show how much workers are completing each day and help employers evaluate their work performance. Specific jobs can also be monitored through time and date stamps on the mobile work orders.

Minimalized disruptions

Real-time information can be shared amongst all team members so that any potential problems can be identified early and resolved before substantial delays in the process occur. This ensures jobs stay on track and assists with scheduling.

Improved quality control

Illegible handwriting and lost documents are only a few problems that are caused by paper forms. Going mobile would ensure that work orders are tracked and completed timely. Safety regulations and compliance can also be monitored using a mobile platform. GPS location information could be used to confirm workers’ locations and that all inspections are completed accurately.

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