July 26, 2019

4 Marketing Videos That Will Delight Your Customers

By Brandon Ferris, Marketing Manager

4 Marketing Videos That Will Delight Your Customers Strategic Marketing

Part of marketing’s role in your business is helping ensure that your customers are delighted. A delighted customer will be more likely to continue their relationship with your business, and may also express their delight with revenue-driving referrals.

One way you can increase the value your business delivers is through simple client-focused videos. Videos targeted at your customers will make their lives easier, and help make their overall experience with your brand a great one. Here are four video ideas you can incorporate as part of your company’s customer experience.

Customer Onboarding Video

When a prospect transitions from a qualified lead to a customer or client, you should warmly welcome them. While in-person meetings are always preferred, sometimes they’re not feasible. In this event, consider sending new customers a video welcoming them to your brand.

Perhaps sit your CEO or president down for a video shoot and have them give a one-minute welcome message to new customers. Then, whenever a new customer is added to your CRM system, have that contact automatically receive an email from your company with a linked video welcoming them to your brand’s family.

This is a simple and effective way to help build customer loyalty and immediately reassure a customer that they made the right decision when selecting your brand.

Check out this video example. It’s heartfelt, sincere and goes into detail about what a new customer can expect from the business they selected.

Also, check out this Nissan dealership’s customer welcome video. It explains how a new customer can make the most of their relationship with the dealership.

Setup Video

My family recently purchased a kayak rack for our car so that we could avoid shoving this vessel inside our nice clean SUV every time we want to take a leisurely cruise on a local lake. However, upon opening the rough cardboard containing the rack, we found ourselves tangled in a maze of straps, screws, metal bars and plastic wrappings. The printed directions were somewhat helpful, but it was still difficult to make sense of the massive amount of steps and processes.

What would have been much more helpful is an instructional video that showed someone setting up the same kayak rack. Video is extremely helpful when explaining how to get rolling with a new product or tool, especially for those visual learners reading this blog.

If your product requires a complex setup, or it may not be straightforward to some of your audience, consider making a setup video like the one below.


How-to videos are a great way to help your customers experience the full potential of your product or services. You can walk a customer through a complex process in your software, or even provide advice on how to set up a startup company. Either way, how-to videos are great tools to include in your video library.

Check out HubSpot’s how-to video on how to use pop-up lead flows. You will notice that this video is a pretty straightforward setup. All that is involved is a computer recording the video of its user, a PowerPoint presentation used to mark the different topics being covered and a live video capture of an individual’s desktop demonstrating the HubSpot tool. It’s a pretty easy video to create huge benefits for your customers.

Holiday Video

Send warm wishes to your customers during the holidays! The classic holiday video is always a good go-to marketing tactic around the holiday season. Wish your customers a happy holiday and let them know you are thankful for their business. Also, consider doing something creative for your holiday video or providing a donation/volunteer service as a goodwill gesture.

Marcum recently created a holiday video that depicts employees participating in making a giant card for our clients.

Video is an excellent marketing tactic that allows you to engage with your customers, show them you care and make their lives easier. Always be looking for new ways your business can delight customers, whether it’s through videos like the ones I described above, or perhaps something specific to your industry.

There are many other approaches to video that can help your business boost engagement, both externally and internally, and help drive new business. Look for additional insights on this topic in future blogs.

If you have any questions about how video can drive revenue for your business, please contact Brandon Ferris at 440.459.5968.

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