September 23, 2019

4 Video Ideas to Generate New Business

By Brandon Ferris, Marketing Manager

4 Video Ideas to Generate New Business Strategic Marketing

Nothing communicates your business’ unique offer better than a well-crafted video. Over the past decade, we’ve watched the marketing standard for communication shift from written media and focus heavily on video content. Simple, strategic videos are now one of the best ways to reach your target audience and broadcast your brand.

But you might be saying to yourself, “I’d love to make a video, but I have no clue what I should film to help generate new business.” Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place. Our marketing team has assembled four easy video ideas to get you started in video marketing.

Product Demo

Does your business sell a product that may require instruction for the end user? Or maybe you’re looking for a nice strategic addition to your product page to increase the average time on site for your visitors. A video demonstrating your product may be a perfect fit for your business.

Product demos are a great way to showcase your line of products. Whether you are selling products to businesses or consumers, a video demonstration can be an extremely effective tool for your sales team. Product demos are an engaging way to explain what your product is and how it works. These videos are of particular interest to individuals in the awareness and consideration stage of the buyer’s journey.

Take a look at HubSpot’s video showcasing its free CRM platform and its capabilities. For more information about HubSpot’s CRM system, read our previous article.



A simple and easy concept for any business to execute: the classic Q&A video!

Your customers have problems they need solved, and your business can provide solutions. Why not help answer some simple questions your customers frequently have in a five-minute video?

The Q&A video can serve as a nice value-add for existing customers, but it can also be a valuable tool for individuals who are considering your business’ offerings or aren’t aware that they have a need that your business can address.

To get started, simply pull a list of some of the most common questions you receive in your line of business, find a charismatic and intelligent employee to sit down and answer these questions during a video shoot and share your insights with the world. You will position your business as a thought leader and probably spark some great conversations with the curious viewers of your video.

For inspiration, check out this recently published video from the U.S. Coast Guard highlighting some common misconceptions about joining Company Commander School.

Social Media Ad

If you’ve scrolled through social media recently, you’ve probably noticed that the majority of advertisements you see are videos. If a video advertisement makes sense with your business’ strategic marketing plan, consider making a video advertisement and promoting it through social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

There are a lot of great tools online that can help you quickly make a promotional video for your brand. One of our favorites at Marcum is Animoto. Animoto lets you make great videos quickly and will automatically render them at the correct sizes for social media posting.

One important feature Animoto gets right is the inclusion of subtitles for its videos. Since social media platforms mute videos by default, your audience will still be able to receive your brand message, even with the video muted. Check out this social media ad for Animoto below.


Have some exciting news that you can’t wait to announce? Why not make a video about it?

Businesses are constantly announcing new products, new services, new offices and leadership changes. Make your statement last with a timely video from your business.

If you plan to pursue this type of video, be sure to ask yourself this key question: “Why does anyone care?” If you can’t find a good answer for this question, odds are your video will come off as self-centered. Be sure that your video is focused around the benefits this piece of news will bring to your target audience and existing clients.

Check out Olympus’ announcement video for its OM-D camera.


We hope you feel inspired to try making some great video content for your business.

There are many other approaches to video that can help your business boost engagement, both externally and internally, and help drive new business. Check out other video ideas here and be sure to look for additional insights on this topic in future blogs.

If you have any questions about how video can drive revenue straight for your business, please contact Brandon Ferris at 440.459.5968 or email Brandon.

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