July 6, 2017

And the Beat Goes On

And the Beat Goes On

After President Donald Trump issued a long list of potential regulation roll backs, top U.S. Bank Regulators appear to have thrown their support behind the President.

The cost burden to your institution from regulation has been extensively documented and this would bring much needed relief to the industry. It has also been a rallying cry of the President’s since his election. But let’s not put the cart in front of the horse, as those same regulators curb their support of de-regulation by noting it is more about efficiency in relation to existing rules versus actual de-regulation. Safety and soundness will not be compromised by reducing regulations to an unsafe level. As always, we will have to stay tuned.

For more information, please read “Key U.S. Bank Regulators Say They’re Ready to Soften Rules” written by Jesse Hamilton and Daniel Flatley, Bloomberg.

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