August 2, 2016

Big Banks Improve in Reputation

Big Banks Improve in Reputation Tax & Business

The results of the recent American Banker/Reputation Institute Survey of Bank Reputations showed that in the reputation rankings of banks large, regional and nontraditional- large banks come in third place in the overall rankings. As the economy is improving there seems to be a consistent rise in the overall reputation of banks and we are seeing large banks starting to make a comeback. Large banks are developing strategies to improve their ranking and are striving to enhance their customer reputation. It would also be expected that regional and nontraditional banks begin a push to enhance their reputations as well, which should drive improvements in the industry as a whole.

For more information, please see the attached article entitled “Big Banks Improve, Regionals Stuck in Neutral: 2016 Reputation Survey” written by Bonnie McGeer. For additional information or assistance please contact Jackie Keville, assurance staff, and member of Marcum’s Financial Institutions Industry Group.

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