May 20, 2019

How Can Manufacturers Grow Through Acquisition? Free E-book Download.

By Jonathan Shoop, Partner, Assurance Services

How Can Manufacturers Grow Through Acquisition? Free E-book Download.

You’ve built your manufacturing business through years of hard work and sweat equity. But to achieve dramatic growth and stay competitive, businesses must continuously evolve. If you’ve been considering how to achieve large-scale growth for your manufacturing company through strategic acquisition, but aren’t sure how to proceed, read on.

Why Acquisition?

Manufacturing companies produce tangible goods that can drive wealth. While growth can be organic, that is, building the company from within, this type of growth can be tough to track and can take years to show a clear return on investment. Buying a business can also take time and considerable investment, but the right acquisition has the potential to quickly expand your company’s income, assets and market share in a way that organic growth simply cannot.

Free E-book Download

If you own or operate a manufacturing business, and have wondered how an acquisition could boost your business and propel it forward, you’ll want to read our latest e-book: Growth Through Acquisition: Sound Strategies to Guide Manufacturers.

Topics include:

  • Understanding What Makes Manufacturing Businesses Attractive Acquisition Targets
  • Developing the Building Blocks of an Acquisition Strategy
  • Strategies for Identifying Acquisition Paths and Potential Targets
  • Setting Time Frame Expectations for an Acquisition
  • Financing Considerations
  • Other Essential Do’s and Don’ts

You’ll learn why acquisitions are attractive for both buyers and sellers in the manufacturing and distribution sector, how to evaluate acquisitions in regard to both type and timing and provide proven insights on how to discover the best potential acquisition targets for your business. We map out realistic time frames for acquisitions and offer practical, winning strategies for pursuing acquisition financing, including how to structure compensation.

The Right Manufacturing and Distribution Experience

If you’ve been considering an acquisition but aren’t sure where to start, Marcum’s Manufacturing and Distribution Industry Services Group can help. We serve manufacturing and distribution companies across industry sectors, and help clients realize immediate, long-term financial success. Our experienced team can help you map out an acquisition strategy that fits your specific company, tailored to your challenges and goals. To learn more about growing your manufacturing company through strategic, thoughtful acquisition, download our free e-book. For more information, contact Jon Shoop, CPA, at (216) 242-0820, or email Jon.