January 4, 2019

Connecticut LLC Entities: Beware of Tax Scam in Mail

Connecticut LLC Entities: Beware of Tax Scam in Mail Tax & Business

The Connecticut CPA Society (CTCPA) has issued a notice informing business owners organized as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) of a fraudulent request for payment being received via the U.S. mail. The form “requires” payment of a “$110 annual report fee” related to a “2018 – Annual Report Instruction Form (Connecticut LLCs)” and is addressed from:

Workplace Compliance Services
1022 Boulevard #243
West Hartford, CT 06110

This is a scam. No payments should be made to Workplace Compliance Services.

The correspondence from Workplace Compliance Services sent to LLCs looks deceivingly like an actual state tax form, so it is easy to understand how business owners would believe it to be another legitimate small state fee.

The CTCPA has been in contact with the Department of Revenue Services (DRS), which is aware of the issue, as are the Secretary of the State (SOTS) and the Attorney General.

An online search revealed that companies like Workplace Compliance Services perpetrate this type of scam every few years in various states across the country. The Connecticut Secretary of State website contains a warning from 2015 related to a similar type of scam.

If you receive any documentation from Workplace Compliance Services – ignore it. If you have a question about any LLC filing fees, contact the DRS, SOTS or your Marcum tax advisor regarding their legitimacy.

If you have any questions regarding his Tax Flash or any correspondence received that you do not recognize, please reach out to your Marcum tax advisor.