February 22, 2017

Construction Industry Outlook Positive in the Short-Term

Long-Term Risks Remain

Construction Industry Outlook Positive in the Short-Term

Issue 18 – Fourth Quarter 2016

Economists, pundits, and most of America have been puzzling over what the election results from this past November will mean for the U.S., both in terms of public policy and economic performance. President Donald Trump has indicated that he plans to slash corporate and personal income taxes, renegotiate trade deals with U.S. partners, end commitments to follow certain environmental rules, follow through with his campaign promises on immigration reform, partially deregulate banking, and make it easier to tap into America’s oil and natural gas reserves. He’s also promised an infrastructure-led stimulus package and significant reforms to America’s health insurance set-up.

Table of Contents

  • Exhibit 1. Nonresidential Spending, December 2016 – CHART
  • Joe’s View – Insights from Marcum’s National Construction Industry Group Leader
  • Exhibit 2. Construction Employment Growth in 20 Largest U.S. Metropolitan Areas, December 2015 v. December 2016 – CHART
  • Exhibit 3. Nonresidential Construction Spending, December 2014 through December 2016 – GRAPH
  • Fourth Quarter 2016 Performance – CHART

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