December 21, 2018

David Glusman, A Life of Service

David Glusman, A Life of Service Advisory

Even at a firm as committed to giving back as Marcum there can be those who stand out from the crowd. One such charitable superstar is our practice’s own, David Glusman. David, an advisory partner out of Philadelphia, has been devoted to a particular cause for the better part of his adult life. Following the diagnosis of his 13 month old daughter with what was then called “Juvenile Diabetes” a voice was roused inside him which said: “We have to do something!” That something turned out to be a lifetime of active participation with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation or JDRF. Beginning with a treasurer’s role in his hometown of Philadelphia, David would go on to hold leadership roles at JDRF on both the national and the global boards. He helped to start a telethon, a golf tournament and other important fundraising and awareness efforts all with the goal of providing better, longer and easier lives to those living with Type-1 diabetes. Despite the decades of effort and activity he has contributed, David says that good deeds can be a lifelong pursuit. And, he has no plans to let up his work, “I’m only 69…I don’t think there’s a time to stop.” There can be many sources for inspiration but, for David, one of his biggest is exactly who you’d think it might be. It was David’s mom who told him from a very young age “You gotta give back” and he truly took it to heart.

Thanks, David.