December 9, 2019

Embracing Extended Learning

By Megan Last, Senior Manager, Learning & Development

Embracing Extended Learning Managed Human Resources Services

We are delighted to share that our Human Resources (HR) Services group is gaining national recognition for the insight and thought leadership our professionals bring to the table.

Megan Last, CPLP, senior learning and organizational development specialist, recently authored an article featured in the November issue of TD Magazine, the award-winning monthly magazine published by the Association for Talent Development. The article entitled “Embracing Extended Learning” addresses the benefits of multiday training programs and how to execute them successfully.

In the article, Last addresses the benefits attendees receive from a multiday training session, such as learning content through activities that help ensure the training sticks. She also addresses solutions to common challenges including external distractions and session logistics.

Do you have questions about extended learning, or other talent and organizational development matters? Contact Megan Last, CPLP, at 440.459.5977 or email Megan.