February 27, 2019

Get to Know Nancy Fannon

Get to Know Nancy Fannon Advisory

This month we celebrate Nancy Fannon, whose areas of professional focus include Business Valuation and Litigation Support. Specifically, when it comes to matters of Commercial Damages, Nancy has celebrity status at Marcum and around the country having edited and written definitive works on the subject (now in multiple editions!), The Comprehensive Guide to Economic Damages. Another of her books, Taxes and Value: The Ongoing Research and Analysis Relating to the S-Corporation Valuation Puzzle, published in 2015, earned Nancy a place testifying during the Estate of Michael Jackson trial! As if Nancy’s professional interests weren’t fascinating enough, she also has a hobby that may surprise you. Despite growing up in cold climates and currently being a Mainer, Nancy is a surfer, thru-and-thru. While she was a swimmer as a child and always (still) loves to be in the water, Nancy came to surfing as an adult. But once started, there has been no looking back. She’s ridden waves from Maine (spotty surf, cold but beautiful) to California (consistent surf, cold water) to Costa Rica (perfection!) and has no plans on stopping, ever. Surfing, Nancy notes, demands your full attention and extreme focus and, in that, clears your mind. If you’re lucky enough to land a perfect wave it will be a treasure you can keep with you and revisit to sooth and refocus during more stressful times.

In their downtime, Nancy and her husband (an accomplished surfer himself) can be found at their family’s own surfers’ outpost in Nosara, Costa Rica surfing every day and loving every minute of it. Catching a wave is pure elation, says Nancy, but you must respect the ocean and the rules of surfing. It can be dangerous out there. On the subject of hobbies for the rest of us, Nancy advises, “Have one! Have something you are passionate about.” Sounds like great advice. Thanks, Nancy!