July 13, 2016

Infection Control Pilot Project

By Marilyn Mines, Senior Manager, Advisory Services

Infection Control Pilot Project

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is being funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to undertake a 3-year pilot program to help identify and assess the efforts being used to prevent transmission of infection in healthcare settings. An additional purpose of the pilot study is to improve the assessment of infection control and pertinent regulations in the healthcare industry.

With the recent Ebola experience in the U.S. and with more than 3 million Americans receiving care in nursing homes each year, the need for infection prevention programs is a priority to protect both patients and healthcare workers. An Infection Control Worksheet (ICWS) and a pilot survey process will be started before the end of FY 2016 in nursing homes.

A national contractor will be used by CMS to perform educational pilot surveys. These surveys are meant to provide guidance to nursing homes and hospitals, and while no citations will be issued, if an immediate jeopardy situation is noted, a report will be made to the CMS Regional Office.

It is expected that the educational surveys will begin in fiscal year 2017 in both nursing homes and hospitals, with all HAI (healthcare acquired Infections) being addressed.

An action plan for improvement will be developed by a team of infection control professionals following the surveys, to organize on-site technical assistance.

The two ultimate goals for this project are to 1) improve surveyor infection control tools, and 2) improve the survey process.

If you have any further questions about this pilot project, please contact a member of Marcum’s healthcare team at 847-282-6300. Information contained herein is accurate at the time of publication. We recommend that you consult with your Marcum LLP advisor before implementing any action.

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