March 7, 2016

IRS Warns of Email Schemes During 2016 Tax Season

Contributor Diane Giordano, Tax & Business Services partner

IRS Warns of Email Schemes During 2016 Tax Season Tax & Business

The IRS has issued an alert advising all taxpayers to be aware of fraudulent email schemes during tax filing season. The IRS has seen a surge in email scams designed to trick taxpayers into thinking these are official communications.

The sites named within the emails are official-looking but are nothing more than a way to seek information related to refunds or other personal information.

The tax advisors at Marcum LLP continue to warn clients and other readers of the website postings about various fraudulent schemes. This is another reminder that the IRS (or any state taxing authority) will not contact taxpayers via email or phone messaging. Official correspondences will be in the form of a mailed letter.

Readers are advised never to answer or click into emails from an unknown sender, or to call back someone who leaves a suspicious voicemail.

The IRS alert noted above can be found at:

Should you receive an email or voicemail from an unknown sender, or other type of suspicious correspondence, contact your Marcum tax advisor, who can assist you with determining authenticity.

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