August 24, 2018

Meet Marcum’s CFO & Controllership Advisory Services Group

Meet Marcum’s CFO & Controllership Advisory Services Group Advisory

Are you a CEO or CFO looking to get more timely and decision-useful information out of your finance team in the most effective way? We are here to help! Our CFO and Controllership Advisory Services Team (“CAS”) can help with the following common areas that finance teams at companies of all sizes have difficulty with:

  • Accounting for complex transactions.
  • Implementing new systems.
  • Integrating acquired businesses.
  • Preparing for and supporting financing transactions (i.e., due diligence, providing required information to investors, preparing for going public).
  • Providing timely and decision-useful financial information that can be used to increase profitability.
  • Managing through staff turnover.
  • Determining whether you have the appropriate internal controls in place to protect the assets you have worked so hard to acquire and
  • Providing forensic accounting assistance if you suspect assets have been misappropriated.


Marcum’s CAS team can provide just-in-time resources who have deep experience in all of the above matters. We can quickly deploy the right people to help with the task at hand who require a minimum of on-boarding and can hit the ground running quickly to address your needs. And by only using these resources when you absolutely need them, you will be more efficient than hiring full-time resources. No project is too small.

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