November 1, 2021

Merit Shop Contractors 2020 and 2021

Merit Shop Contractors 2020 and 2021 Construction

The Contractor Compensation Quarterly (CCQ) is especially designed for the busy construction executive that needs to keep abreast of competitive compensation and benefit levels within the industry.

It’s been hard to read the pay movement signs this year. Sometimes, you just know there’s more going on than what the data shows.

On the surface open shop wages seemed stagnant with an actual change of less than 1% from 2020 to 2021 (all crafts combined). Since the Employment Cost Index (ECI) for construction showed a 12 month change of 3.2% through the second quarter of 2021, we see a temporary disconnect between our survey data and the ECI. Over time (think years), our data pairs with the change in the ECI. So, when using this year’s survey data, also consider using the ECI to complete your compensation trending and planning activities.

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