September 9, 2021

Recovering Key Tax Information and Records After a Natural Disaster

Recovering Key Tax Information and Records After a Natural Disaster Tax & Business

It’s hard to imagine in the face of a personal natural disaster you need to think about tax records, but they are just what you may need to claim federal assistance, or file an insurance claim. The information may be what proof you need to help recover your losses.

Where to go

Financial Statements – To get a copy of your financial statements, contact your credit card company(s) or personal bank. Copies may be available both electronically and as paper copies.

Property Records – Again, reach out to your credit card company(s) or bank for the cost or value of your property. Depending on your situation and what you need, other institutions may need to be contacted. Consider communicating with businesses such as title companies, escrow companies, or the bank that handled the purchase of your real estate. Your contractor may be contacted to provide statements of cost and the work completed if you made home improvements. Families and friends can be contacted for descriptions of your property. The probate court or the estate attorney that settled an estate could provide the property tax values for inherited property. The county assessor can be contacted to check on values assigned to real estate and the original purchase price. The National Automobile Dealers Association, Edmunds and Kelley’s Blue Book can provide the value of transportation vehicles.

Tax Records – To get a free copy of your tax return transcripts immediately, you can use Get Transcript on the website, or you can order them by calling 800-908-9946.