January 16, 2023

Reset and Repeat

By Matthew Bavolack, National Healthcare Industry Group Leader

Reset and Repeat Clinical Services

First and foremost, I trust everyone had a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season, especially in these challenging times. Yes, we have entered a new year but unfortunately, it marks the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic. But are we really in the same place as we were in March of 2020? I think we would all agree we’ve come light years.

The pandemic has significantly impacted all aspects of healthcare delivery. Dental offices were all but shut down and have yet to rebound. Senior living occupancy was significantly impacted as well, but that sector is now seeing occupancy rates well over the 85% threshold nationally. Some areas are even seeing rates well into the 90% range.

We look to the future and hope for “normalcy,” but it’s important to recognize the healthcare industry will face many challenges in 2023, specifically concerning inflation, new regulations, payment reform, and staffing. Together we are committed to working with provider communities to navigate these changes.

Marcum is extremely proud of the services we offer, and we continue to grow and develop to meet the needs of today’s healthcare providers. To help support the industry, we are pleased to announce the following:

  • The continuation of our monthly newsletter “Trending in Healthcare” focusing on key areas specifically related to the entire continuum of care.
  • The fifth annual release of our nursing home statistical analysis, scheduled for the first quarter.
  • The inaugural release of Marcum’s dental statistical trends this summer.
  • The Marcum Healthcare Symposium will be back by popular demand, but with a different feel and focus on key areas of operations for senior living providers, physician practices, and dental services.
  • A commitment to speaking at a number of trade organization events (regionally and nationally) about key areas impacting healthcare operations.
  • And more…

COVID-19 may still be with us, but the healthcare industry will overcome these challenging times and thrive. We look forward to working and consulting with the entire continuum of care and we wish everyone happiness, health, peace, and success in 2023.