June 16, 2020

Social Media Messaging During COVID-19

By Megan Cowling, Marcum Strategic Marketing

Social Media Messaging During COVID-19 Strategic Marketing

Social media has the ability to both inform and entertain. Social distancing has turned everyone toward their screens as a way to connect with loved ones while staying up-to-date on the latest news. Your audience may be distanced, but they remain reachable. Below are some ways you can ensure that you stay relevant with your target audience on social media.

Know your audience

Refer back to your ideal customer and buyer personas. What would that person be interested in during this time? Imagine what the individual may be dealing with and how their environment has been altered. Needs may have shifted, making it an ideal time to be a source of support. Take a cue from popular brands that are utilizing social media platforms to stay in front of their customers. When the time is right, customers that have bonded with your brand will be more likely to make a purchase.

Adjust to what is happening now

Thirty-two percent of Americans are spending more time on social media than before (Statista). Now more than ever, it is imperative to stay informed about developments that could impact your client and their business and communicate how you can be a resource. Be sure the information that you share is accurate and helpful—and as a result, traffic to your web site and social media pages will likely increase.

Explore different types of content

Now is the time to dabble in different forms of content. Users are interacting more with content now than they did prior to COVID-19. How users engage and which platforms they are engaging with can provide you with a lot of insight. Many users are engaging with new platforms that never would have seen the home pages of their devices before. Evaluate whether new platforms will further your mission or reach followers in a unique way.

Focus on updating prior content as a refresher. Shake up content with a mix of videos, additional features and new apps. For example, podcasts have taken the content world by storm while influencers remain a strong component of brand recognition. Here is a breakdown of recommended content opportunities for your business:


A personal touch to any brand is the face behind it. Influencers are perceived as trustworthy and are expected to provide the behind-the-scenes look of a brand. They do not cut corners or hold back on their honest reviews.

New Apps

Technology changes daily along with top trends. Knowing your demographic and what apps your customers use on a daily basis will reveal where your brand’s time and energy should be spent. Browse the recently added apps on your device to begin evaluating.

New Features

Apps are always rising to the next level. Instagram did not always have IGTV, while LinkedIn did not always publish articles. Knowing the latest functional additions gives you the best opportunities to connect with your audience. One platform can show content in multiple ways, expanding the opportunity for your customers to engage with your brand.


A tried and true favorite, videos are top of the list for engaging content. A quality video can stop someone from scrolling instantaneously. Long, short. Formal, informal. The options are endless and all depend on the needs of the brand and the consumer. Videos can provide hope and laughter during this trying time, offering a glimpse into a company’s culture and personality, and showing that we are all in this together.


A podcast can give you the sense of participating in the latest topic discussions from the comfort of your living room. Statistics show that 54 percent of podcast listeners are either somewhat or much more likely to consider buying from a brand after hearing its advertisement on a podcast (eMarketer, 2019). Listening to a podcast can be done anywhere at almost any time. Whether you are driving to work, working out at the gym, doing yard work or in the waiting room at the doctor office, users can easily plug into a podcast that interests them.


With digital becoming the center point of brand interactions, focus on receiving feedback while gathering fresh ideas. Ask users what they want to see from the brand. The answer may surprise you.

As the world turns, content transforms. Reach out with any questions on your social media approach during this time. Whether it be a full revamp or some fresh implementation, we are happy to assist in adjusting your social media messaging. Ready to get started? Contact Megan Cowling at Megan.Cowling@marcumllp.com or (440) 459-5999.

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