June 3, 2019

Sync Bill.com with QuickBooks Online for Easy Bill Pay Management

Sync Bill.com with QuickBooks Online for Easy Bill Pay Management Managed Accounting Services

Our second blog in our series on QuickBooks Online (QBO) addressed five time-saving benefits of QBO automation. There are also a number of apps that sync nicely with QBO to offer business owners a host of efficiencies through automation. In fact, there are over 500 apps on the market, and they can seem daunting to small business owners. Which are the best?

We’ve vetted those with the most advantages to small business owners, and we’ll share the highlights with you. We begin with Bill.com, an app that automates the business bill payment.

Secure Email Address

One of the first things you’ll do is create a secure @bill.com email address, to which all of your bills will be sent. If you’re currently using a personal email address, you can simply ask vendors’ billing departments to switch over to your new address. While there will be some initial coding to get started, the account will be automatically remembered for all future invoices.

Once you have your account, vendors can email invoices to your unique Bill.com address. You also have the ability to scan and upload invoices yourself.

Eliminate Steps. Accelerate Payments.

If you think of QBO as the hub, an app like Bill.com serves to enhance its automation features. For example, through Bill.com, you can automate your total accounts payable process. Do you have a multi-tiered approval process for payments? Bill.com can create a hierarchy of necessary approvals, and then make an ACH payment to your vendors upon final approval. Approvers are notified once a bill is ready for their review.

If you have vendors who still want to be paid by check, Bill.com can cut checks by drawing money from your account and then cutting a check. (Note that there is an extra fee associated with this service.)  Any changes you make within Bill.com automatically transfer to your accounting software.

Pay Vendors on the Go

The app will also update accounts payable and cash, and you can manage it all from a smartphone or tablet when you’re on the move. With Bill.com, you also have the ability to make international payments through ACH or wire transfers with no fees. After each transaction, your software is updated so that accounts reconcile much faster.

Portable Filing Cabinet

Just think—no more paper clutter. Bill.com serves as document storage for all of your accounts payable. When you need to look for a past transaction, you have the ability to search past transactions and payments right from the app.

Bill.com provides total payment automation with approvals on the go and eliminates paper clutter. The app works seamlessly with QBO by creating a payable event in your QBO account—all information feeds back into QBO, so you can avoid double entry.

Hungry for another app? Watch for our next blog on Expensify, a system for managing reimbursement for employee expenses. Remember, all of the apps we feature work to enhance QuickBooks by providing it – and you – with more functionality.

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