July 17, 2019

TSheets App Syncs with QBO to Help Businesses Cut Costs Through Automated Time Tracking and Scheduling

TSheets App Syncs with QBO to Help Businesses Cut Costs Through Automated Time Tracking and Scheduling Managed Accounting Services

Keeping track of hours worked and time allocated per project can be a drain on small businesses, with time lost on inefficient tracking. Fortunately, the TSheets time-tracking app syncs easily with QuickBooks Online (QBO) and payroll service software to give business owners and employees a better way to track, bill and approve time.

Consider the IT tech who is out in the field moving from job to job. It can be difficult to stop to record time for each job worked per week, and that makes it complicated for the business owner to accurately bill time back to the client. Additionally, billing is often held up through a complicated approval process.

The following six features demonstrate how TSheets can reduce your payroll costs:

  1. Easy Invoicing – The TSheets app efficiently records time and feeds it right into the business owner’s QBO account to create an invoice.
  2. Skip the Punch Card – The app also replaces the need for non-remote, hourly workers to punch a time clock; instead, time can be easily logged in from a smartphone or tablet via a four-digit PIN code. Additionally, the TSheets app can be used to submit and track paid time off, sick days and holidays.
  3. GPS Tracking – Through TSheets’ GPS tracking, a business owner can track remote employees’ activity, including where they are and how much time they spent with a customer. The activity tracking functionality can be used from job to job throughout the day. It can also be toggled on and off as required.
  4. Scheduling and Overtime Alerts – Any business owner with hourly employees wants better control of overtime costs. The TSheets app can alert them before an employee goes over 40 hours, providing immediate decision-making capabilities. In addition the app can inform employees of changes in their tasks and schedules through customized alerts.
  5. Streamlined Approval Process – Managers can approve timesheets before running payroll, which will reduce errors and corrections to pay runs. TSheets also automates the billing approval process, shaving hours of time off slower processes, not to mention delayed billings.
  6. Syncs with QBO or Payroll Services – As mentioned above, the TSheets syncs easily with QBO, ADP, Gusto and other payroll software, making the payroll and invoicing processes simple and seamless.

You can customize TSheets to use whichever of its features that best suits your business, and make adjustments along the way. While we’ve just touched the surface of the multiple ways TSheets can save your business money, we’re happy to meet with you to discuss how it can help your small business.

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