August 19, 2020

Webinar Recap: Cyber Liability & Protecting Business from Cybersecurity Threats in the Wake of the Global Health Crisis

Webinar Recap: Cyber Liability & Protecting Business from Cybersecurity Threats in the Wake of the Global Health Crisis Coronavirus Resource Center

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

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Marcum LLP and Alera Group have partnered together to host a three part webinar series. Join us for our third session to discuss the following topics:


The Coronavirus pandemic has increased Cyber Liability exposure emphasizing the need for organizations to ensure they have the appropriate coverage. Cyber Liability is still an emerging and non-standardized type of insurance that is often misunderstood and improperly structured. In this webinar Zachary Slade, Risk Management Consultant, from the Alera Group will break down the key items that every company needs to know about Cyber Liability insurance in this environment. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • The increased exposure due to COVID-19 and working remote – what to know;
  • The most common cyber claims;
  • Key coverage areas;
  • Key policy exclusions and what to avoid when selecting an insurance policy;  
  • Best practices; and
  • Q&A


The global health crisis has forced organizations from all sectors, sizes and geographies to mandate working from home for many employees. However, telecommuting and remote connectivity introduces a whole new set of risks to the enterprise. This webinar will explore several proactive steps that companies can adopt today to improve the protection of their networks, applications, systems, data, devices, people and property. The session is presented by Jeffrey Bernstein, Marcum Technology’s Director of Cybersecurity and Data Privacy. Attendees of the session will be educated on:

  • The latest cyber-borne threats;
  • Influencing good user behavior to improve security;
  • How HR can leverage digital forensics;
  • The importance of assurance to mitigate risk; 
  • Compliance and data privacy;
  • Best Practices; and
  • Q&A 


Zachary Slade, GCG Risk Management, The Alera Group
Risk Management Consultant

Jeffrey Bernstein, Marcum Technology
Director, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

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