March 8, 2019

In the Zone with the Good Guys!

In the Zone with the Good Guys!
Episode 2

Episode Summary

Having overcome enormous childhood obstacles including poverty, the early death of parents and being told they wouldn’t amount to anything, three charismatic Good Guys manage to leverage their intellectual and athletic abilities to pave their way into Georgetown University. Never forgetting where they came from, they forego Wall Street career offers and unite to serve as catalysts for systemic change in underserved communities. GOODProject is a community-based organization which aims to show the world how, just as rough starts and childhood obstacles can be overcome, good intentions and big dreams can also be nourished and realized for the Greater Good! By working to turn Opportunity Zones (OZ) into GOODZones – the Good Guys share their vision for impact and their journey toward success. Follow their story along the way to OZ, and hopefully, a very GOOD ENDING in Ward 6 – Washington, DC.

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