About Michael

Michael Lappin is the vice president of strategic partnerships for Marcum Technology LLC, a national technology advisory and consulting organization that is part of the Marcum Group.

Mr. Lappin is responsible for building and managing relationships with companies that supply products for reselling. He oversees the evaluation and selection of vendors and works to ensure that vendors meet or exceed their contractual obligations by delivering quality products and/or services on time and on budget.

He develops strategic alliances with clients and other organizations with technology that complements Marcum’s product offerings. In addition, Mr. Lappin has been instrumental in planning and targeting new strategic partnerships to access new markets, enrich Marcum Technology’s existing footprint, and lend additional credibility and power to the Marcum brand.

Mr. Lappin is an active member of his community and a leader in the information technology industry, forging longstanding relationships and alliances along the way.

In total, Mr. Lappin has more than 20 years of experience providing integrated solutions for Fortune 100 companies specializing in data protection, disaster recovery and network infrastructure. He received his B.A. Degree in Communications from the University of Hartford in 1998.