Marcum Computer Forensics is a team of professionals committed to preserving and analyzing evidence and preventing data destruction.

We deliver our results in an understandable, usable format, so you spend less time reviewing irrelevant data and more time focusing on your case. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the evidence, quickly and while staying with budget.

In today’s day in age, electronics are used on a daily basis. Cell phones, tablets, laptops…This means in every case there is a good chance potential evidence is being over looked.


A forensic examination can answer a wide range of questions:

  • Which websites have been visited?
  • What files have been downloaded?
  • When were files accessed?
  • What files were deleted?
  • Who made attempts to conceal, destroy or fabricate evidence? When?
  • Who are the authors of the files in question?

Our Process

Our forensic services professionals follow a careful process in the identification and recovery of evidence:

  • We will meet with you to determine your needs.
  • We work with you to establish keyword searches to minimize the length of the investigation and ultimately your overall cost.
  • We perform our examination on an exact bit-by-bit copy of your media not to destroy evidence.
  • We retrieve contents of all files on the system – including existing, deleted but remaining, hidden, password-protected, and encrypted files.
  • Our findings are documented in an easy to read report.


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Kyle Anne  Midkiff

Kyle Anne Midkiff


  • Advisory
  • Philadelphia, PA
Gary B. Rosen

Gary B. Rosen

National Forensic Advisory Services Leader

  • Advisory
  • New York, NY