Your passion and ingenuity can take you further when combined with clear and accurate financial insights.


As an emerging company, you require services tailored to match the goals, needs, and budget of an early stage business. From start-up, through growth, fundraising, and capital markets or liquidity events, a full spectrum of financial services can help meet the challenges posed by rapid growth.

Marcum’s team of advisors deliver actionable insights gained over years of experience advising successful early-stage and high-growth companies.


Marcum’s Emerging Companies group works with companies in a broad range of industries, from software and IT enterprises to clean energy, and advanced manufacturing, to deliver customized services and qualified guidance for each client’s unique circumstance, sector, and strategy. For more information, ask Marcum.


Marcum professionals draw on the latest industry data and a deep analysis of your business to help businesses:

  • Prepare forward-looking financial statements for business planning, valuation, banking, equity fundraising, and exit planning efforts.
  • Develop operating budgets and detailed projections – including for balance sheets, income statements, cash flows, covenant calculations, and key performance indicators.
  • Manage expenses, cash-burn rate, and runway.
  • Compare budgets and projections to results and generate analyses that help management improve performance toward goals.
Financial planning and analysis


Marcum’s guidance will account for your business goals, industry, and operational advantages. After getting to know your business we can help you:

  • Create financing strategies that support your growth while reflecting the values and interests of founders, investors, team members, lenders, customers, and suppliers.
  • Design effective profit and cash flow strategies that align with business requirements and growth objectives.
  • Develop sources of financing (including commercial banks, private equity, angel and venture capital firms, and strategic investors) and allocate resources appropriately as funding is realized.
  • Coordinate capital raise with initiatives to value-creating milestones and deliverables.
  • Promote and support exit strategies (including business sale, transfers, long-term operation, and public offerings, among others) that align with stakeholder goals.


We demystify fundraising by providing concrete guidance based on years of experience. Our professionals can help you:

  • Plan and coordinate fundraising efforts with the aim of efficiently and successfully closing funding rounds.
  • Create financial projections, pitches, presentations, current and future valuation models, identify and qualify prospective investors, connect with prospective lending institutions.
  • Optimize fundraising initiatives already in progress by managing virtual data rooms, modeling capitalization tables, analyzing and structuring term sheets, and more.
paperwork with charts

Pain Points

1.    Attracting investors and necessary capital

2.    Building credibility with constituencies

3.    Timing fundraises with key value creating milestones

4.    Measuring performance and effectiveness

5.    Managing according to a useful financial plan

6.    Presenting results and pitches to stakeholders

7.    Implementing organizational and systems growth initiatives

8.    Build trust among stakeholders and attract key investors

9.    Identifying fundraising timelines (Don’t run out of money)

10.    Projecting your financial future


For more information, ask Marcum.


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Marilea W. Campomizzi

Marilea W. Campomizzi


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Mark Teague


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