Securing and maintaining seized evidence and property is a critical role of any public safety agency. Proper controls and procedures must be established to ensure the integrity of seized evidence and property. Internal controls can also help protect seized evidence and property from loss, theft or misuse.

Marcum’s Advisory Group has the experience and technical knowledge necessary to provide seized evidence and property audits to police departments across the nation. Our team includes former law enforcement executives, compliance and internal audit professionals as well as other subject matter experts as necessary, bringing a thorough understanding of public safety needs.

Working in collaboration with public safety management, Marcum will complete a review and analysis of the evidentiary protocols and process. Following our review, we will draft a final report containing findings and recommendations. Marcum has made public presentations or provided a summary of this report to be used for public dissemination.

Marcum’s Advisory Group provides a comprehensive approach to providing seized evidence and property audits to police departments. Our investigative skills and in-depth knowledge allows Marcum to help provide your organization with value added forensic services as a well-qualified and reputable industry leader.


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Kati  Allison-Boughton

Kati Allison-Boughton


  • Advisory
  • Boston, MA