Increasingly, families are discovering that although their wealth brings many luxuries, it also brings challenges and increased responsibilities. Some families have created their own fully-staffed offices to handle the complex administrative functions associated with wealth.

By utilizing the services of skilled and highly experienced family office service professionals, high net worth families can achieve improved financial management and receive valuable guidance in a cost-effective manner. Marcum Family Office Services division provides wealthy families access to a collaborative network of specialized professionals, giving families peace of mind coupled with financial and administrative freedom.

Marcum provides high net worth families a host of services ranging from bill paying and lifestyle management to philanthropic giving succession planning. A dedicated account leader works closely with each client to develop a highly personalized plan that will serve the particular family’s unique needs.

Marcum's Family Office group provides:

  • Expense Monitoring
  • Lifebook
  • Investment Monitoring

Marcum’s bill paying and check writing process allows for constant monitoring and review of all expenses. In addition to paying bills and reconciling a client’s bank accounts, Marcum professionals prepare a customized monthly transaction report categorizing all expenses.

A Lifebook is a summary of a family’s personal and investment information. It contains emergency phone numbers, contact information for all professional advisors, insurance and benefit summaries, a will summary, a balance sheet and income statement. Updated annually, the Lifebook helps every member of the family stay organized, ensuring that all financial and personal information is in one place. This can be an extremely important tool in a time of need.

Marcum Family Office professionals are able to track market information including concentrated stock transactions, cost basis, fair market value, investment performance, as well as private equity commitments. All holdings can be consolidated into one concise report.

Marcum Family Office professionals are able to manage a complex pool of investments and personal assets, providing a complete and detailed picture of the all the family’s holdings that is updated regularly. Marcum is able to provide consolidated reporting that simplifies complex family entity structures.

Marcum Family Office Provides a Depth of Customized Services

Lifestyle Management Services

  • Concierge
  • Household
  • Travel
  • Property & Real Estate
  • Lifebook

Accounting Services

  • Bill Paying
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Foundation Administration
  • Medical Reimbursement
  • FLP Administration

Financial Services

  • Cash Flow/Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Evaluation of Net Worth
  • Negotiating Loans
  • Review Venture Capital/Private Equity Deals

Risk Management & Insurance Review

  • Life, Property, Casualty
  • Officers & Directors Liability
  • Excess Liability

Real Estate

  • Bill Paying
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Property Management


  • Philanthropic Administration
  • Intergenerational Wealth Planning
  • Family Governance Solutions

Marcum Family Office Works Closely With Your Tax Advisors to Coordinate an Array of Services

Tax Planning

  • Hedging Techniques
  • Investment Management
  • Strategies for Charities, Capital Gains, AMT, Tax Law Changes
  • Cross-Border Tax Planning

Return Preparation

  • Income, Gift, Foundation, S-Corp, Trust, Corporation & Estate
  • Quarterly Tax Projections
  • Record Keeping Responsibility
  • Audit Representation
  • Tax Controversy

Estate Planning

  • Analysis of Current Estate Plan
  • Charitable Giving

Marcum Year-End Tax Guide

Tax Planning for 2023 and 2024


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Carolyn  Mazzenga

Carolyn Mazzenga

Office Managing Partner

  • Tax & Business
  • Melville, NY
David  Appel

David Appel


  • Tax & Business
  • Miami, FL
Robert L. Babek

Robert L. Babek

Office Managing Partner

  • Tax & Business
  • Los Angeles, CA
Ronald  Finkelstein

Ronald Finkelstein


  • Tax & Business
  • Melville, NY
Rorrie  Gregorio

Rorrie Gregorio

Family Office Leader

  • Tax & Business
  • New York, NY
Kathleen  Lens

Kathleen Lens


  • Tax & Business
  • Philadelphia, PA
Michele  Lipson

Michele Lipson


  • Tax & Business
  • Miami, FL
John J. Mezzanotte

John J. Mezzanotte

Office Managing Partner

  • Tax & Business
  • Greenwich, CT
Jennifer  Quent

Jennifer Quent


  • Advisory
  • West Palm Beach, FL