Keeping sensitive financial, customer and employee data, systems and networks, applications and more safe and secure is critically important. It’s also enormously challenging.

Today’s businesses are under constant attack from malware, viruses, spyware, and phishing and social engineering—to name just a few. Most companies find it difficult, if not impossible, to hire and retain personnel skilled enough to effectively address these complex cybersecurity issues.

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Why Marcum Technology?

Not only does Marcum Technology deliver the sophisticated cybersecurity experience you need to safeguard your business, we’re also equipped with a depth of business and industry acumen and experience that truly sets us apart.

Marcum’s cybersecurity team is comprised of recognized industry subject matter professionals, many with previous senior-level experience in government (including the North American Departments of Defense and intelligence communities), the military, law enforcement, and large-scale corporate environments. Marcum team members hold numerous industry certifications and have provided complex integrated cybersecurity solutions focused on risk mitigation, survivability and critical infrastructure protection to clients across industries.

Almost as important, Marcum Technology’s professionals understand how important collaboration and communication are when dealing with sensitive cybersecurity and data privacy matters. And, should you need advice and counsel from Marcum LLP’s accounting, tax or consulting professionals, they’re available to you and ready to help.

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