Situations that call for digital forensics assistance are no time for half measures.

Whether your organization faces pending litigation, has concerns about future litigation, or just feels something isn’t “right” within your organization, finding a knowledgeable, experienced forensics professional is key to achieving an optimal outcome.

Unlike boutique firms that typically focus on just one aspect of a forensic issue, Marcum Technology’s full-service approach enables our professionals to satisfy all your requirements related to upcoming litigation, intellectual property theft, embezzlement, employee harassment or other sensitive issues.

Marcum is equipped to handle most any sensitive situation involving your proprietary data.

Sensitive digital forensics issues require knowledgeable, experienced professionals and a full-service approach. For more information, contact [email protected].

Digital Forensics Services

Forensically sound, documented and defensible data collection

Securing digital evidence before it is altered or destroyed is crucial. Data collection can occur on-site or remotely from servers, laptops, computers, cell phones, social media websites and other sites and devices. Mobile phone data-capture capabilities include application data from email accounts, instant messaging platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Marcum’s collection methodology ensures data is collected in a forensically sound manner so evidence is admissible and all future options are preserved.

Digital investigations

Marcum’s team uses advanced tools and methods to quickly and efficiently identify the issue and investigate the root cause. Recovered deleted files and emails can shed light on the exact evidence a suspect wanted to destroy. Internet browser history, system logs, and other computer artifacts are analyzed to identify user activity. Fictitious invoices, fraudulent checks, harassing emails and logs identifying inappropriate access are examples of things that have been found during digital investigations.

Data Analysis

Based on your specific business needs, Marcum collects the data, puts it in the appropriate format and prepares custom analyses, whether from an accounting, inventory, CRM system or other data source. Common analyses include: accounts payable trends and exceptions, inventory shrinkage, unusual vendor payments, and claims exceptions. Marcum’s professionals regularly analyze large data sets to uncover fraud or reveal risk exposure, convert data for transfer between disparate systems, and extract data from offline databases and data files.

Report writing

A critical part of any investigation is reporting the findings using clear and concise language that can be easily understood by all parties. Marcum Technology’s digital forensics team has years of experience taking inherently technical and complex investigation findings and preparing a report that is easy to understand and written in plain English.

Expert witness testimony

Testifying accurately and convincingly to the facts in court requires a special skill set. Marcum’s professionals regularly provide expert testimony during litigation and business disputes, frequently serving as court-appointed experts.


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