Why are so many businesses moving their business operations to cloud-based technologies? Cloud technology works – often at significantly less cost when compared to the challenges of maintaining your own technology infrastructure and the servers and datacenters at the heart of running your business. Best of all, the cloud eliminates the headaches of constant updates, equipment failures, IT staffing shortages, and persistent security issues that come with owning your own hardware and software.

A cloud strategy aligned with your goals.

The transition to a third-party cloud platform requires a well-designed, sophisticated strategy. Careful planning, informed vendor selection and impeccable implementation are paramount to avoid catastrophic disruptions to your business that could potentially touch off a firestorm from customers, regulators and your employees.

Need an experienced co-pilot for your safe journey to the cloud? Ask Marcum.

Marcum's Cloud Services

  • Reduces costs and complexity.
  • Eliminates manual software updates and maintenance.
  • Improves software security through automatic, universal updates.
  • Enables deployment of Unified Communications and mobile apps quickly and seamlessly through PaaS.
  • Provides a highly scalable storage environment compliant with regulatory requirements like HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.
  • Ensures 24/7 availability through Marcum’s hosted server environment, with 99.9% reliability and redundant hardware architecture.