Innovative technology infrastructure design combines mobile, data center, cloud, storage and other technologies. The approach is transforming enterprise networks. Today, CIOs are embracing change so their businesses remain relevant, and they continue to grow and prosper.

Choosing the right technology infrastructure can be complicated, but the effort is worth it. By leveraging pieces of your existing infrastructure and incorporating new technologies it’s possible to achieve a better network experience at a lower cost. And while customers, employees and vendors may not know exactly where your technology infrastructure ends and applications begin, they expect your technology systems to function seamlessly, consistently and well.

Technology infrastructure aligned with your business goals and objectives.

Marcum Technology’s highly skilled engineers, consultants and project managers design and implement the technology infrastructure solution best suited to helping you achieve your strategic business objectives. Unlike some, Marcum consultants are committed to intelligent infrastructure design based on the unique needs of your business – rather than cookie-cutter solutions. And, should you encounter unexpected issues in the future, Marcum’s professionals can assist in mitigating them.

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The Design Process

Throughout the design process, Marcum ensures you understand the touch points, benefits and risks and helps you determine the appropriate redundancy, failover and disaster recovery strategy. Marcum’s infrastructure design process begins with an assessment of your current infrastructure and a clear understanding of your business goals and objectives. In addition to leveraging portions of your current infrastructure, the right solution for your organization could include one, or a combination of, the following:

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