Remote workforces on unsecured Wi-Fi networks pose added security risks. The FBI, DHS, CISA, SEC and other authorities all warn of increased attacks from hackers, cybercriminals and other bad actors.

Organizations should assume malicious parties will gain control of telework corporate laptops and other devices and attempt to steal sensitive data or leverage the devices to gain access to the enterprise network. And when employees return to the office and reconnect directly to your corporate network, they expose your systems and data to malware, computer infections and other unwanted cyber-threats.

But how will you know if a user in your environment clicks on a harmful link? To help understand potential threats to users in your organization’s environment, Marcum Technology uses best-in-breed tools to uncover anomalies and expose potential threats specific to your users and their activity. Ongoing support from expert eyes who know your environment means you minimize unpleasant surprises.

Rely on the experts to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats in your organization.

  • 24×7 monitoring, alerts, and detection for known and zero-day threats.
  • Simplified alerting and actionable threat intelligence.
  • Containment of incidents before they can spread and impact others.
  • Expert analysts provide support and appropriate response for each incident.
  • Easy to deploy sensors, which provide the latest and greatest countermeasures security tools have to offer.
  • Machine learning/AI backed engines provide constantly updated threat protection.

Marcum’s Managed Endpoint Detection and Response solution focuses on minimizing the detection-to-containment timeframe of threats that bypass preventive controls. For the first 90 days of your workforce returning, Marcum will:

  • Identify suspicious behavior using predictive threat modeling to automatically block expected, unexpected and file-less attacks.
  • Locate threats designed to circumvent prevention with a zero-trust approach, leveraging proprietary machine learning and advanced analytics.
  • Minimize threat actor dwell time with elite threat hunters that identify, lock down and isolate compromised endpoints on your behalf.
  • Determine root cause and eradicate threat actor presence across your environment with full incident lifecycle support.
  • Recommend next steps toward remediation.

Can your current endpoint solution and security team detect and respond to the volume of threats that could be reintroduced into your network? If you’re not sure, ask Marcum.

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Jason  Starr

Jason Starr

Senior Director - Cybersecurity

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  • New York, NY