Businesses need to approach technology strategically. But setting the right technology strategy isn’t necessarily a full-time job. The work of a strategist tends to be cyclical or seasonal. Once a plan is implemented, you monitor it in place, refining it along the way, before you need the strategist again.

For many businesses, the most sensible solution is a fractional CIO/CTO who can:

  • Continuously assess your business technology environment.
  • Align your technology systems to support your organization’s goals and objectives.
  • Assist in evaluating, mentoring, and motivating your IT staff.
  • Evaluate software and services, including preparing RFPs, negotiating contracts, conducting business process analysis.
  • Lead NIST and ISO-based security assessments.
  • Manage costs, improve productivity, and increase ROI.

Marcum Technology’s industry-focused fractional CIOs and CTOs help you run your business safely and securely today and long into the future. They bring you skills and experience across a wide array of industries and proficiency across numerous technology platforms to help you ensure your technology strategy is well-conceived, implemented and maintained. And, you can leverage this top technology talent at a small percentage of the cost of hiring a full-time CIO or CTO.

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