Data and Technology Services

With the proliferation of larger and more complex data sets, organizations are continuously identifying new opportunities. With those opportunities, new risks are presented. Marcum’s Forensic Data Analytics & Technology team supports organizations as they implement the practices, protocols, and technology solutions to enhance their analytics and make the most of the insights they uncover. Our team of data scientists and certified technologists brings decades of experience advising and working alongside organizations of all sizes on their most critical issues. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies and Am Law 200 firms to private equity funds, government entities, and privately held companies.

How We Help

Marcum’s Forensic Data Analytics & Technology team offers a complete range of data services to support your organization in disputes, investigations, compliance, and business process improvement. Whether the issues involve billions of records from accounting systems, advanced biometric data, or social media data, we can help you understand and respond with rapid, thorough data analysis and targeted technology assessments. We go beyond the analysis of data by first understanding your business and your issues and provide white-glove service and reporting throughout so that you always stay informed.

Forensic Data Analytics

Our team addresses data and technology issues in all phases of investigations, litigation, and regulatory responses. We apply forensic best practices and advanced technologies to respond rapidly and effectively in high-stakes, time-sensitive matters. Our team of professionals works directly with corporate clients and outside counsel to develop strategies and perform technical analyses that help you identify and best respond to risks. Utilizing existing data and technology, we can work with you to find key insights and information faster.

Our Forensic Data Analytics & Technology team’s services include, but are not limited to:

  • Statistical analysis and data science services
  • Bespoke and ad hoc analysis
  • Electronic discovery and unstructured data services
  • Data identification and acquisition
  • Data feature testing and controls analysis
  • Self-service analytics and data visualizations
  • Expert witness services
  • Regulatory response and 30(b)(6) services


Valuation & Litigation Advisor

Monthly update on topics relating to business valuation and litigation support.

Software and Systems Analysis

The relationship between your data and the technological ecosystem housing it has a critical impact on your ability to source and analyze information. Marcum understands the influence of this relationship on your operations and risk management. Our technologists leverage extensive experience in software development and systems and data analysis to bring you deeper insights and more authoritative answers. We provide services for issues ranging from systems implementation and cloud migrations to compliance responses, intellectual property litigation, and monitorships, among others. Whether your issue involves performance, third-party neutral review, litigation, risk assessments, or compliance concerns, our team is uniquely positioned to provide support.

Our software and systems analysis services include, but are not limited to:

  • Source code analysis
  • Software functional review
  • Version control system review
  • Legacy system review
  • Intersystem design, data, and configuration assessment
  • Root cause analysis

Computer Forensics

Securing digital evidence before it is altered or destroyed is crucial. Marcum offers advanced computer forensics services to support the collection and analysis of virtually any device or platform. We offer data collection services on-site or remotely for servers, laptops, computers, cell phones, social media websites, and other sites and devices. Mobile phone data-capture capabilities include application data from email accounts, instant messaging platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Marcum’s collection methodology ensures data is collected in a forensically sound manner such that evidence is admissible and all future options are preserved.


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