May 22, 2015

Holiday Thoughts

Holiday Thoughts

Monday is Memorial Day, a day to reflect and to honor those who serve or have served in our armed forces. In view of everything that’s going on in the world today, both here in the U.S. and abroad, the job they have taken on is simply awesome. On behalf of the entire Marcum team, I want to extend our thanks and appreciation to our brave and selfless troops, their families and loved ones for their service and their sacrifice.

Most people are looking forward to a short work week next week because of the long holiday weekend. Marcum is looking forward to next week because the 2015 Marcum MicroCap Conference will be taking place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City on Wednesday and Thursday. This is the fourth year our SEC Practice Group is putting on this investor event, which provides a forum for publicly traded companies under $500 million in market capitalization to network with the investment community. We’ve expanded the conference from 1 day to 2 days this year. This year promises to be the biggest and best yet. Over 160 pre-IPO and young public companies have registered to present, and based on attendee registration so far, we expect over 2000 investors and other market participants to be there – both new records!

Marcum is honored to play a part in the growth and success of so many promising young companies, and I want to wish the best of luck to David Bukzin, the head of our SEC Practice Group, and his team at this year’s event.

Now, turning to another major development, this week the world sadly witnessed the retirement of David Letterman. In tribute to the king of late night TV, herewith is my Top 10 List of news headlines I hope to see before this year is out:

10. Presidential Candidates Pledge Positive Campaigns Focused on the Issues, Forsake Negative Campaigns Focused on Each Other. Political Directors Nationwide to Follow Suit.
9. U.S. Economy Achieves Record Growth; Great Recession of 2008 a Distant Memory
8. Taylor Swift Finds Happy, Committed Relationship
7. U.S. Math and Science Scores Ranked Highest in the Industrialized World
6. Tom Brady Apologizes for Deflate-Gate
5. Law Enforcement, Communities Find Respectful Middle Ground
4. Doctors Find Cure for Middle Age
3. Children Nationwide Eschew Video Games for Outdoor Recreation
2. Spill-Proof Pipeline Technology Revolutionizes Oil Industry, Insulates Environment from Risk
1. World Peace Arrives

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. Be safe, have fun and enjoy the long holiday weekend.