February 10, 2017

It's Snow Good

It's Snow Good

Whether (no pun intended) it’s climate change or global warming, we had the strangest back-to-back days in the Northeast this week that I can remember in a long time.

Wednesday brought some of us record high temperatures for an early February day, surpassing 60 degrees in some places including New York City. The sun was out; people were out and about, sans winter coats; and it was just enough to give us a much-needed tease of what we can hope for come mid-April.

But not even 12 hours later, in the wee hours of Thursday morning, our early taste of spring was dealt a chilling (again, no pun intended) blow as we were thrust back into the cold of winter with a major snow storm. Here in NYC, it started at about 4AM and still continues in the early afternoon as I’m writing this. So far, I can measure eight inches outside of my apartment building, and it looks like there’s still more to come.

I’m usually on the other side of these weather events. Be it a blizzard or a hurricane, by some coincidence it almost always turns out that I’m away somewhere on a long-planned business trip, missing all the excitement. Yesterday was a rarity for me. As a matter of fact, I was supposed to be on a 9AM flight out of LaGuardia Airport, heading down to Miami for a meeting of ECOVIS International, a global professional services organization Marcum recently joined. But Fate had other things in mind for me.

LaGuardia was closed to just about all flights, and school was cancelled. So yesterday, instead of being in sunny Miami, it was work from home for Jeff – along with more than 800 other Marcum employees and partners across the Northeast, who couldn’t make it into the office. Thanks to our remote access technology systems, Marcum kept humming despite the weather slam. Mother Nature’s little prank didn’t even register a blip on our radar screen. So with my trusty laptop, iPad and iPhone, I missed the trip to Miami but didn’t skip a beat, all the while spending a nice snow day at home with Tracy, Lily, Kate and Max.

Although I missed the ECOVIS meeting and the chance to meet some of our new international colleagues, I must admit I’m glad I got to experience first-hand what a storm does to New York, the city that never sleeps. I really have missed these occasions for as long as I can remember.

Sometimes, an unplanned workday from home is just what the doctor should order.