January 5, 2018

Snow Getting Around It

Snow Getting Around It

Wednesday night I received the following text from my son Isaac (25): “First snow of the season, I guess you are out of town?”

To which I responded: “Correct. Naples, FL.”

And Isaac countered with: “Of course.”

And so it goes. Ever since Isaac and his brother Leo (23) were younger, it seems that every major weather event found their father out of town on business. This week is no exception.

I flew home to NYC from South Florida on Monday with Tracy and our younger children (who were back to school first thing Tuesday morning), after our holiday vacation, only to get right back on a flight to Ft. Meyers at 1pm that afternoon for an annual accounting industry conference. And wouldn’t you know it, something called a “Bomb Cyclone” is slamming the NY area as I write this in the comfort of my Naples hotel room. I should mention that it was in the high 30’s here this morning, with snow and frost reported in some areas in Florida north of where I’m sitting.

As we welcome 2018, we at Marcum are still grappling with the changes to the U.S. tax code, signed into law on December 22 of last year, and how it will impact our clients, and what planning opportunities the new law presents. What would ordinarily be a slow start to tax filing season has given our tax people much to do. And as an FYI, the IRS just announced that the first day they will accept 2017 tax returns for filing will be January 29. Let the games begin!

So while I’m conferencing here in sunny but cold South Florida, the NY area where I live is getting slammed (as is much of the Route 95 corridor) with anywhere from 6-18 inches. My conference ends at noon today (Friday), and I have a 3pm flight back home. Most if not all of the flights in and out of the NY area were canceled Thursday, so let’s hope the air travel system is back to normal this afternoon.

Happy New Year, everybody!