June 3, 2022



The unofficial start of summer is finally here—although to judge from the unusually high temperatures we had in New York earlier this week, it could have been the real deal already.

Looking ahead to July and August, Tracy and I hope to spend as much time as possible with the kids on the East End of Long Island—our favorite summer respite.

While things are finally back to almost “normal,” the jury is still out on what summer vacation season is going to look like for a lot of people. Airlines cancelled a record number of flights over Memorial Day weekend—more than the last three years combined—thanks to staffing shortages, bad weather, and air traffic control problems, so staying flexible is going to be necessary. Many of the major carriers are operating with such lean staffs that they have little room for error, and experts say that air travel could be difficult for the next few months. With gas prices still going up, driving can be a tough and expensive alternative.

Staycation, anyone? You may need to dig deep into your wallet. Some movie theaters have started charging a premium for tickets to blockbusters like Spiderman: No Way Home, The Batman and Top Gun: Maverick (which I highly recommend, having seen it last weekend). And shortages aren’t helping…theaters are running out of candy, popcorn and even the bags to hold the popcorn, thanks to ongoing supply chain hold-ups that are gumming up the works. Let’s hope we don’t see a run on Milk Duds and M&Ms or we’ll all be munching on carrot sticks.

And apparently, even going to the beach or the club pool might not be a day at the park, so to speak, thanks to the scarcity of available workers. There are lifeguard shortages across the country, with fewer young people applying for these types of traditional summer jobs and instead taking offers from higher-paying employers in urgent need of hands, feet and talent.

Some elite lifeguards are making the most of the laws of supply and demand. Los Angeles forked over $510,283, including hefty overtime, to a single lifeguard captain last year—and he’s not alone. 20 others came pretty close, making well in excess of $300,000. Nice work if you can get it.

Pool and beach operators without LA’s deep pockets are getting creative. Seniors are the new recruits—60 is the new 40! Necessity, as always, is the mother of invention.

Some things never change, however. New York City’s beaches officially opened on Saturday, and Coney Island is back in full pre-pandemic swing. Nathan’s hot dog, anyone?

On another note, Marcum announced a new expansion this week, with LTSP, Inc. of Newport Beach merging into our California region. Welcome to the LTSP team and their clients—we look forward to a great collaboration!

Happy weekend everyone.