May 1, 2015

Taking the Marcum Message to Prime Time

Taking the Marcum Message to Prime Time

Marcum has always prided ourselves on the trusted relationships we are privileged to enjoy with our clients. We have made it our business to be entrepreneurial in the way we deliver service and in the deep industry expertise that enables us to help our clients decipher and resolve the daily challenges of running successful companies.

We have always considered this commitment to be the “Marcum Difference,” and this has been the foundation of our Firm’s brand ever since the accounting industry fell into step with the rest of the business world in accepting the need to brand ourselves (however reluctantly).

You may have noticed that the way we communicate about Marcum has changed in the past year or so. We have a new look and feel that are imprinted on our website, our emails, and the various newsletters and documents you receive from us. And if you read the regional business journal in your city, or certain industry or technical publications, you may have seen our new ads.

The campaign, which started out with print, digital and billboard ads, is called Ask Marcum. Rooted in the client relationships that are the heart of our business, the ads showcase Marcum’s role as a trusted advisor to public and private middle market companies, entrepreneurs, and high net worth individuals.

It is a position that we think articulates the Marcum Difference in a new way and that emphasizes our great pride in the trust our clients place in us.

We felt it was time to up our game and get the Marcum message out to a broader audience. Next week, we will be amping up our outreach a bit. Starting Monday, we will be introducing television commercials in all Marcum regions across the country. It is our first foray into TV advertising.

Three different 30-second ads will run during morning and evening prime time business news programming, as well as weekend sports news. So Monday-Friday, from 6-9am and 7-11pm you’ll be able to see our commercials on MSNBC, CNBC, CNN and Fox News. On the weekends we switch to ESPN. We hope you will be on the lookout for them!

But we hate to make you wait. So we invite you to a preview before the new ads hit the airwaves.


We hope you like them, and more importantly, we hope that you recognize them as the tribute they are – to you, our clients, without whom there would be no Marcum to advertise. If you do take the time to view them let us know what you think. Your feedback is always important to us.

Thank you for your business, and most especially for your trust.