December 21, 2018

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Last week I wrote about some of the great things we did at Marcum in 2018. This week it’s time to thank the people that make it all possible, day in and day out.

First and foremost, to the Marcum team, our associates and partners. It may be a cliche, but accounting truly is a team sport. We are a people business. And whether we have great technology or efficiency, flexible work arrangements or how we dress (or don’t), it all comes down to our people. And we have some really great people at Marcum. Without the dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellent client service that permeates our firm, none of this would be possible.

They say behind every great person there’s a great support system (well, maybe I’m the they). We at Marcum are no exception. The only way we can do what we do on a daily basis is to have the support of those around us. So whether you’re a spouse, significant other, child, parent, or friend of one of us, we thank you, thank you, thank you. When we work, we need to give 110% or more of our attention. Without an understanding support system that lets us focus on work when we need to, we couldn’t do what we do, all day, every day.

Without our clients we wouldn’t have a business. Throughout the Firm, we have clients who have been with Marcum (or some of our predecessor firms) for literally generations, as well as people and companies that have hired us as recently as yesterday. Our goal on a daily basis is to be your trusted advisor, deliver excellent client service, and exceed your expectations. We value the faith and confidence you place in us and thank you for your business.

To our friends and referral sources: we truly appreciate when you think of Marcum. The nicest compliment any of you can pay us is by validating what we do every day by putting your reputation on the line to refer business to us. We know that you expect us to do an excellent job for those you send our way and if we drop the ball it’s a bad reflection on you. We thank you for thinking of us, and we won’t let you down when you do.

The way the calendar falls this year, all of the Marcum offices will be closed Monday and Tuesday for the next two weeks, giving us all two four-day weekends to recharge in advance of the start of 2019’s accounting busy season(s). As is our tradition, the Weiners – all seven of us – are off this afternoon, after school ends, to South Florida where we spend Christmas and ring in the New Year. While a white Christmas may be nice, getting out of the Northeast and enjoying the warm weather and sunshine can’t be beat.

So, from my family to yours, we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and happy Kwanzaa (if you celebrate), and a New Year filled with health, happiness and success; and our best wishes for the holiday season, wherever you may be and however you may celebrate.

I won’t be writing next week, so we’ll see you again on January 4.