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By Jeffrey M. Weiner, Chairman & CEO, Marcum LLP


Let's Shake On It

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Let's Shake On It

Yesterday was opening day for the 2017 Marcum MicroCap Conference. By the time the conference wraps up later today, we will have had management presentations from 150 companies in seven industry sectors and upwards of two thousand one-on-one meetings with investors - a new record on both counts.

Of all the events that Marcum produces across the country - and we do a lot of them - MicroCap occupies a special niche. It's not our biggest event - that honor goes to the Marcum Workplace Challenge on Long Island, which attracts around 12,000+ participants every year - but the MicroCap Conference has grown to become a key forum for the small cap equity market nationally.

In addition to the main agenda, MicroCap is also known for our line up of keynote speakers. James Carville and Mary Matalin, the Democratic-Republican power couple who helped put Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush into the White House, respectively, were our luncheon speakers yesterday. There was no shortage of material for them to tackle, as they parried with our vice chairman, David Bukzin, who runs MicroCap, and each other in our own version of a "fireside chat." Let's just say it was great fun to hear them expound on the state of affairs in our country right now.

This morning, we were scheduled to have Larry Kudlow, the financial commentator, as our breakfast speaker. Unfortunately, we were notified late last night that Larry was summoned to a meeting at the White House and therefore would be unavailable to join us as planned. We tried to get the White House to reschedule their meeting, but it was a no-go. Can't blame us for trying.

Despite the snafu, based on how yesterday went, I feel pretty safe in saying that this year's Marcum MicroCap Conference, our sixth, is another success. David, whose day job is leading Marcum's national SEC Services practice, and his team did an outstanding job, as always, in making sure that everything came off without a hitch. And more importantly, in making sure that we delivered real value for our sponsors and participants.

Events like this one are a focal point for Marcum in all of our geographic markets and many of our service lines. Interacting with our clients and our marketplace face-to-face is the best way we know how to build relationships. There is simply no substitute for shaking someone's hand. That's one thing that hasn't changed since I started in the accounting business in 1979. No email or social media post will ever replace it.

If you attended this year's Marcum MicroCap Conference, we're very glad you joined us and hope to see you again next year. If you would like to know more about Marcum events in your area, check our events calendar at

P.S. This Sunday is Father's Day. Father's Day for my family is a weekend-long celebration, as are many holidays in the Weiner household. We will be spending it, as we do every year, on Long Island, and I'll be fortunate enough to be surrounded by all five of my children on Sunday. That's the best gift this father could ever ask for. To all you fathers out there, happy Father's Day!

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