Regardless of which side you’re on, litigation is stressful. And the outcome of the case could severely impact your personal future and/or that of your firm. You need the best possible advice and credible insights to support your case. Legal counsel relies on Marcum’s experienced accounting, consulting, forensic, and tax professionals for critical analysis and compelling expert witness testimony.

Marcum’s litigation and dispute professionals include:

  • Certified Public Accountants.
  • Chartered Financial Analysts.
  • Business valuation specialists.
  • Finance specialists.
  • Forensic accountants.

They have testified at countless trials, arbitration hearings and depositions, and issued thousands of expert reports. They’re experienced in cases of all types and sizes, across a wide array of industries in the following areas of litigation and dispute resolution.

Commercial and General

Complex disputes are common in today’s global business environment. Using financial acumen and technology, we help you untangle complicated financial transactions, reconstruct audit trails, prepare economic damages models, and provide expert witness testimony involving:

  • Breach of contract.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Fraud.
  • Securities litigation.
  • Post-acquisition disputes.
  • Insolvency.
  • Lender liability.
  • Antitrust litigation.
  • Accounting disputes.
  • Unfair business practices.
  • Director and officer liability litigation.
  • Professional malpractice.
  • Business interruption claims.
  • Fidelity and surety claims and litigation.
  • Personal injury.
  • Wrongful termination.
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Intellectual Property

Marcum professionals are often engaged by attorneys representing plaintiffs or defendants as damages and financial experts in disputes involving infringement of copyrights, trademarks and patents, and theft of trade secrets. Our team members routinely:

  • Determine the plaintiff’s lost profits or the actual profits of the alleged infringer subject to disgorgement,
  • Quantify the diminution of intellectual property’s value attributed to the defendant’s alleged wrongdoing,
  • Evaluate opposing intellectual property expert reports, and
  • Provide confidential advice or expert witness testimony.
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White Collar Crime and Regulatory Litigation

Due to heightened regulatory and law enforcement scrutiny of business conduct and an increasingly litigious environment, corporations and their executives increasingly face criminal and civil litigation related to fraud and corruption. Marcum is often engaged by regulatory agencies, plaintiffs, and defendants in cases involving:

  • Department of Justice civil and criminal litigation regarding fraudulent financial reporting and violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).
  • Securities and Exchange Commission civil litigation involving allegations of fraudulent financial reporting and violations of the FCPA.
  • Civil and criminal litigation related to money laundering and tax fraud.
  • Class action litigation involving allegations of securities fraud.
  • Accounting and audit malpractice litigation.
  • Public Company Accounting Oversight Board litigation against accounting firms and individual auditors.
  • Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) litigation.


Valuation & Litigation Advisor

Monthly update on topics relating to business valuation and litigation support.


Nancy  Fannon

Nancy Fannon

Valuation, Forensic and Litigation Support Leader

  • Advisory
  • Portland, ME
James  Ashe

James Ashe

Partner-in-Charge, Advisory - New York

  • Advisory
  • Melville, NY
Raymond  Dovell

Raymond Dovell


  • Advisory
  • Philadelphia, PA
Cecelia  Garber

Cecelia Garber


  • Advisory
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
Wayne  Geisser

Wayne Geisser


  • Advisory
  • Philadelphia, PA
David  Glusman

David Glusman


  • Advisory
  • Philadelphia, PA
Daniel  Golish

Daniel Golish


  • Advisory
  • Atlanta, GA
Ilan  Hirschfeld

Ilan Hirschfeld

Partner-in-Charge, Advisory - New Jersey

  • Advisory
  • Neptune, NJ
Arlen  Lasinsky

Arlen Lasinsky


  • Advisory
  • Deerfield, IL
Kyle Anne  Midkiff

Kyle Anne Midkiff


  • Advisory
  • Philadelphia, PA
Jimmy S. Pappas

Jimmy S. Pappas

National Leader, Forensic Advisory Services

  • Advisory
  • Boston, MA
Kenneth J. Pia, Jr.

Kenneth J. Pia, Jr.

Business Valuation Industry Leader

  • Advisory
  • New Haven, CT
Daniel  Roche

Daniel Roche

National Business Valuation Leader

  • Advisory
  • Roseland, NJ
Gary B. Rosen

Gary B. Rosen

Partner-in-Charge, Valuation, Forensic & Litigation Services - NY Region

  • Advisory
  • New York, NY
Sean R. Saari

Sean R. Saari


  • Advisory
  • Cleveland, OH
William  Scally

William Scally

Litigation Services, National Leader

  • Advisory
  • Boston, MA
Bradford  Taylor

Bradford Taylor


  • Advisory
  • Boston, MA
Taylor  West

Taylor West

Partner-in-Charge, Valuation, Forensic & Litigation Services, Houston

  • Advisory & Consulting Services
  • Houston, TX
Ricardo  Zayas

Ricardo Zayas


  • Advisory
  • Philadelphia, PA